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Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV, is a cannabinoid unlike any other. It does not promise to relax you or spike a sudden craving for cold pizza; rather, it has the potential to keep you alert, cheerful, and creative, all with an absolutely crushed appetite.

It’s a wonder it is called THCV at all, considering it is the complete antithesis of its cousin THC, at least side effects wise.

And though we know these particularly important things about THCV, it remains somewhat elusive, at least when it comes to the consumer side of things. 

In an indirect way, this blog is going to make an attempt to inform you about how to get THCV – and if you do not live in a jurisdiction where cannabis has been fully legalized, your best bet, for now, is to become a tourist and traveling to a state that does.

I know, I know. Allow us to explain.  

Because THCV has not yet infiltrated the mainstream consumer audience the way THC and CBD have, there is a distinct lack of purchasing options for this cannabinoid.

The options that are out there are fairly new and “unvetted,” coming in fairly low doses of 10 mg. In essence, you are going to get more CBD by merely experimenting with strains of cannabis that have naturally occurring high levels of THCV in their genetic makeup.

In today’s blog, we will be giving you some insight into these particularly high THCV strains, some of which are a little rarer than others, but all with some pretty positive and enjoyable effects that may overlap with some of your lifestyle goals and aspirations. 

Pineapple Purps

This strain of cannabis is a very potent Sativa strain, with a relatively ordinary amount of THCV in it, but an unusually potent carrier of THCV, making this strain an excellent one to begin with if you want to explore THCV.

In some strains, the ratio of THC to THCV is as high as 3 to 1. 

A hallmark of pineapple purps is its ability to give a psychedelic, heady, creative experience without the risk of anxiety or discomfort. We can probably thank the high levels of THCV for this.

In addition, Purps is known for its ability to ease muscle cramping, and of course, there is the appetite suppression factor, which is a welcome effect for any cannabis user considering the heavy influence some cannabis strains have on appetite–going in the other direction, that is. 

As popular as Pineapple Purps remains, it is a strain that is not exactly the most consistent in terms of its content – so make sure to consult with your local dispensary to see what you are getting.

It has similarities to Pineapple Express, although its broader genetic history is unknown at present time. Afternoon use is highly recommended since this strain could induce insomnia. 

Red Congolese

This cerebral, contemplative, and creative strain is heavy in the Sativa elements and very high in THCV as well. It is sourced from either Mexico or South Africa.

This strain is highly complex with an assortment of moving parts, but its hallmark is its uplifting, happy euphoria, ideal for mood enhancement and creative endeavors.

There is absolutely no brain fog in this strain; instead, it promotes focus and mental acuity. Due to this, it is ideal for treating things like Alzheimer’s, nausea, and tension. 

In fact, this strain is so adored that it won third place at the Cannabis Cup in 2013. It is ideal for daytime use due to its energetic effects, which begin with a body high and then give way to an elated, tranquil state of mind.

But above all, appetite becomes non-existent with this train, which is great if users desire more control over their diet and certain cravings that pop up throughout the day. 

Jack the Ripper

This strain is named after a particularly frightening serial killer that terrorized 19th century London, and here at PureKana, we are not entirely sure why.

What we do know is that this strain is very high in THCV, and this produces a head-high that comes with very few ill effects; in fact, it is a favorite of users looking to ease discomfort from PMS, migraines, and PTSD.

It can induce a sense of relaxation in the body, but with such a cerebral effect, this means all the focus on the appetite is virtually gone. 

Doug’s Varin

This strain of cannabis was specifically created and bred to be very, very high in THCV. As such, it is a little harder to find than other strains due to its exclusivity and proprietary origins.

A very heady experience can be expected when using this strain, with some users claiming that it is a strain that could easily jolt you awake and alleviate ruminating thoughts, and allow you to decompress.

But more than anything else, Doug’s Varin is famous for its appetite-erasing qualities, making it a shame that it’s a rare find for cannabis users. Users report not wanting to eat much if at all while using this strain.

Aside from that, expect enhanced creativity and energy, and it is particularly gratifying and satisfying to use outdoors. 




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