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There is a new cannabinoid that is getting quite a bit of buzz around the country, particularly in states where legalized marijuana has reshaped the economic landscape.

While CBD continues to chug along in an economy reshaped by pandemics and economic unpredictability, eyes are starting to focus on the potential of legalized cannabis and the various, understudied, and misunderstood cannabinoids that are virtually begging for more attention.

Today, we will briefly explain to you what THCV is, and what key attributes one should look for when purchasing a THCV vape, a tincture, gummy, or oil – things like dosing, purity, and even some suggestions regarding a work-around if you find yourself out of luck. 

Among these is THCV. This cannabinoid shares much of its acronym-ed, abbreviated name with the far more famous THC, but that’s about where the similarities end.

THC, a psychoactive, euphoric compound that has been used for thousands of years, has established itself as a recreational, and at times therapeutic compound.

Aside from its newfound popular status as a medicinal compound for certain segments of the population, particularly those who suffer from afflictions that match up well with THC’s therapeutic benefits, THC cannot really make a case for itself as a “lifestyle” compound the way CBD can. THCV however, can. Allow us to explain.

THCV’s molecular structure differs quite a bit from that of THCV, boasting a propyl molecule (a 3-carbon molecule), differing from THC’s pentyl 5-carbon molecule. This means that THCV has a different interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

It acts as an antagonist at our cannabinoid receptors, as opposed to THC’s agonist activity at these receptors. The opposing activity means opposing effects for the human body; no “munchies,” instead, you get appetite suppression.

No euphoria, instead you will experience focus and creative energy. All in all, nothing like THC. 

If this sounds good to you, we at PureKana agree. But where in the world could you get your own helping of THCV? 

Where To Buy THCV? So Far, Limited Options

Where can one buy THCV extract? So far, a survey of the landscape online shows that THCV is not exactly rampant or in high demand just yet.

You won’t find any banners touting “THCV for sale!” in the very near future (though maybe in the medium term).  The public is still learning about this brand new cannabinoid, and so is the legalized cannabis/hemp industry at large.

Their hesitance is understandable given the stakes, but so far, a few enterprises have come out with their THCV products. Among the first few THCV products we have seen: gummies, vape cartridges, tinctures, and oils. 

The dosages as of this writing have been fairly cautious. Keep in mind that many CBD and legal hemp companies are careful to comply with regulations and state laws. With that said, we will get into the various options below. 

THCV Vape Cartridges

So, what’s the best practice for THCV? In this section, we will demonstrate how to get THCV into your hands by knowing what to look for. 

When buying a THCV vape cartridge, you are going to want to know the difference between a 510 and a 710 thread. These are commonly purchased products in the hemp  derived extract and legal cannabis plant world.

The 510 and 710 numbers refer to the size of the vape cartridge thread. A 510 is the standard size, and you should not have any problem finding this on the market.

A 710 is more appropriate for different forms of cannabis-derived substances – these include things like wax extracts. These extracts require more heat in order to be consumed properly. 

There are some THCV wax products on the market (although not many). A purchase of these would require a 710 thread vape cartridge. 

THCV Oil, THCV Tinctures, THCV gummies

THCV oil and tinctures, in essence, require much of the same characteristics and choosiness that one would have when choosing a CBD oil. This means knowing what key ingredients mean, and comparing dosages across different formulations and versions of THCV.

A good example is that a 10 mg CBD gummy is probably too inert of a dose, considering there are CBD tinctures that go as high as 100 mg of CBD per serving.

In terms of gummies, you may want to consider something more substantial; at least 25 mg of CBD per gummy. The same goes for a product like THCV. 

THCV, being as new as it is, currently seems to be subjected to the industry’s discerning eye, which has decided that 5-10 mg of THCV is the right amount to start with. Be wary of products that promise far more than this, or go any lower than this admittedly cautious dosing range. 

THCV Heavy Strains 

In absence of trying the previously mentioned products, you can always plow forward by indulging in the legal cannabis industry, with the caveat that you should a) live in a state that has legalized marijuana and b) don’t mind consuming marijuana products!

There are certain strains of marijuana that offer high levels of THCV. Some of these are the following:

Pineapple Purps, a heavy sativa strain of marijuana, has a genetic history that gives it significantly high levels of THCV.

Users report feelings of enhanced mood and happiness, relaxation, as well as significant appetite suppression. However, do not use this strain if you are new to marijuana! 

Red Congolese is a weirdly “cheese” smelling strain of marijuana that is famed in cannabis circles, and it is also very high in THCV.

This strain has mild appetite suppressant qualities but is famed more for its usefulness for the artistic community, as it is one of the most creativity-inspiring strains out there. 

Doug’s Varin may be a bit harder to find on the market, but this is a strain of marijuana that was specifically bred and concocted to be high in THCV.

Fun fact – the name is inspired by the actual full name for THCV, which is tetrahydrocannabivarin (note the ‘varin’ at the end). This strain contains a mammoth 25% THCV, and provides an energy boosting and appetite-crushing effect, with only mild psychoactivity. 

Our Take

We know there will be rampant curiosity over the next year as THCV starts to be stocked in shelves around the country. So far, it is in a good amount of states, even states that have not legalized marijuana; clearly, there is an emerging market for THCV.

So far, we at PureKana are keeping our eyes peeled and seeing how the science, anecdotes, and feedback plays out. You never know, we could be the next ones to develop our own THCV product soon, and we will ensure it will be the best option for new users and seasoned ones alike.

For now though, we hope today’s blog was informative and insightful so that you feel well prepared to choose a THCV product for you in the near future, should you choose to. 

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