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Now that THCV is emerging as a vital part of the hemp/cannabis economy, it begs the question: how to get THCV, and where to buy a THCV cartridge? 

The short answer is that any THCV vape cartridge you purchase will most likely fit into your standard 510 thread pen. 

If you are reading this, we assume that you already know a little bit about THCV – maybe that some have called it “diet weed,” or that it rests comfortably in the space between CBD and THC.

You may even know a bit about vape cartridges and pens, full-spectrum extracts, and the 2018 farm bill. To get a better sense of all of these things, as well as understand the difference between a 510, 710, and modifier cartridge, read on to learn more. 

Why The 2018 Farm Bill Was a Game Changer

We will not get political on this website, but the story of how you are even able to talk freely about THCV and vape pens is all due to boring old legislation that occurred in the United States Congress. 

Ordinarily, when the United States authorizes funds spent for American agriculture, it does not make much news, and for good reason. It’s not exactly thrilling stuff!

But in 2018, after intense lobbying from then Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) to authorize the removal of hemp-derived compounds as scheduled controlled substances, the legislation opened up the cannabis industry in a way we have never seen before. 

Hemp, defined as such because it is cannabis with hardly any THC (by law, it cannot go above 0.3%), has now become a source for the cannabinoids we have come to enjoy since, like CBD, CBN, Delta-8 THC, and now THCV of course. 

What Sets THC-V Apart?

THCV, while still mysterious to many researchers, is a unique compound. Only psychoactive in very high doses, it rests at the midway point between the effects of CBD and THC. More invigorating than sedating, and more focus-oriented than head-clearing relaxing. 

It has been said that THC-V can help with creativity, as it is a stimulating, focus-oriented cannabinoid.

It has also been said that it can aid with suppressing appetite, modulating blood glucose levels, and even providing helpful backup for the nervous system, with some studies centering around those with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. 


You may have seen an assortment of vape options on the market as the popularity of CBD and other cannabinoids has increased. What is a mod, and how does it compare to a pen?

Well, mod as you may have guessed, is short for modification or modifier. This originates from the days when vape enthusiasts would alter common household items like flashlights to achieve larger “plumes” of vape clouds. 

This is done so by increasing the voltage of the inner coil that heats the CBD or THCV oil in your cartridge. The more electrical current flowing through the coils, the more bang you get out of your oil. 

710 vs. 510

710 vs. 510: What is the difference between these two cartridges? They are common options on the market whenever any vape enthusiast goes shopping and telling them apart is important, particularly when you are also shopping for your cartridge. 

510 or 710 – these numbers refer to the size of the vape cartridge thread. A 510 is the standard size, and you will likely have no problem finding cartridges that fit a standard 510. 

You will see 710s typically used with different substances derived from cannabis. This would include oils and waxes, which need more heat to achieve the desired effect, thus a larger thread to make that happen. 


When CBD was unleashed onto America’s wellness and supplement industry, confusion ran rampant. Many believed it was a marijuana substitute, and even more, believed that it was a legal way to get high. Because of cannabis’s complicated history, this was relatively unsurprising.

But since THCV has at least a moderate chance of becoming a household name, having all the information you can get is nothing but a good thing.

It would also be helpful to be ahead of the curve to dispel any myths about what THCV products really are – and hopefully, this short blog helped with that. Enjoy!

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