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What Are the Different Forms of THCV Isolate? 

One of the most intriguing new cannabis extracts on the market has a pretty bright future ahead of itself, assuming it takes off like our gut instinct tells us it will!

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV isolate, is making waves as a form of weed that some have dubbed “weederall” or “diet weed,” thanks to its energy-boosting, focus-promoting qualities.

Because this form of THC is still in its infancy and early stages in terms of retail rollout, consumers can expect that it will come in several different forms – and early indications are that this will be in the form of crystals, dried herb, oil tinctures, and gummies.

This has implications for you, a curious cannabis user, for what you can expect in terms of potency, effects, and ease of use. 

THCV is not exactly like what its famous acronymed initials may have you think. First, if there is any particular reason why THCV is currently making waves, it is because it is something of a counter-puncher to the well-known and researched THC, its parent compound.

THCV has been shown to affect appetite, making its entry into the fold a potential weight loss product. In addition, energy levels are a beneficiary of THCV use, and others have reported higher focus and creativity while using.

In short, THCV effects are pretty positive, and a refreshing change from the more sedating, relaxing identities of THC and CBD. 

Interestingly, one of the ways THCV and CBD share some things in common is their “antagonistic” relationship to THC; the psychoactive elements of THC are said to be lessened with higher levels of CBD, and the same seems to be true with THCV, although more research is needed in this area. 

Today we explore THCV extract in its isolated form, perhaps the most tried and true way to consume THCV, if nothing else to understand how it works in a setting within which it is not influenced by sibling cannabinoids.

You may remember how CBD isolate has its role in the CBD stratosphere, giving customers the comfort of knowing they are consuming only CBD and nothing else, regardless of what others say about the famed entourage effect.

THCV may go a similar route, coming in its isolated form, and then alongside its “sister” cannabinoids.

Below, we will outline the 3 forms of THCV, all of which are on the market already, and give you a preview of what to expect with these forms. 

THCV Gummies and THC Edibles

You guessed right – THCV gummies are the most likely starting point for many cannabis enterprises and for good reason.

Gummies are easy to take and overall take on a non-intimidating nature when it comes to consumption, unlike vaping, smoking, or other forms that require different paraphernalia (more on this later).

In all likelihood, your THCV gummies will come in a 10 mg dose each. 

Any THCV gummy product you find will most likely play a role in fairly immediate appetite suppression. Users may be instructed to consume a THCV gummy just before a meal to encourage portion control or to alleviate cravings.

Look for THCV gummies that specifically notate their status as an isolate product, and be sure to check that they are made with American hemp, ideally from Kentucky. 

THCV Oils and Crystals 

You are likely to get very strong THCV effects when trying out these formulations. THCV crystals, named as such because of their strong resemblance to amber or tree sap crystals, may seem a little off-putting at first.

The truth is that this form of THCV is a highly isolated, purified form, and it is the most effective way to consume THCV if you want the maximum effect. By heating at the time of consumption, you get the most purified form of THCV isolate.

These are called Crystalline. You can do this with a glass pipe or a glass bong.

Oils, waxes, and dabs are another option and can be smoked with a cartridge via a vape pen or vape mod, with the same process occurring when heated with a 510-710 thread. 

Be advised that these methods are not for beginners, and if you do not have experience with these forms or paraphernalia, consult with an experienced user who can show you the ins and outs. 

THCV Flower/Dried Herb

This form of THCV is simply dried herbs that are placed into a pipe, heated with a lighter, and inhaled. They can also be used with herbal papers, rolled, and smoked that way as well. 

Inhaling THCV smoke produces immediate results, so you can expect the benefits and effects of THCV to kick in quite rapidly on your first inhalation.

While not psychoactive in normal doses, it does contain some psychoactive properties of certain forms of weed, like enhanced creativity and some slight psychedelic aspects. Increased levels of energy and focus have also been reported.

Our recommendation is to try dried herb forms of THCV isolate, if only because the effects are quick and tolerance is quickly assessed. 

Our Take

It is early days in terms of having THCV on the market, and with the cannabis industry seemingly on an unstoppable train in terms of modernization, normalization, and popularity, we at PureKana urge you to keep your eye out for even more developments on this front.

With the success of CBD, as well as the legalization of hemp, the federal government’s relative indifference to the increasing number of states welcoming hemp production into their economies, you should expect that THCV could be a versatile enough compound to go into smoothies, gummies, and bath bombs the way CBD has.

Then again, we urge caution with predictions. While hemp is legalized nationwide, some states have completely outlawed any form of THC at all, ensuring that THCV remains locked out of the marketplace.

While there is no reason to expect these issues will be permanent, it is worth keeping in mind. 

We at PureKana have far more to look into on this front as well, so we will keep you updated on this blog the more we find out! 


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