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These days, CBD is in almost every type of topical, from ointments to lip balms. This is due to the extract’s inflammatory properties that can aid with signs of aging and acne. 

CBD soap can provide the same beneficial inflammatory properties as other CBD-infused topicals, is often made with all-natural ingredients, and can reduce the dryness that regular soap can often cause.  

So, what are some of the best brands that offer CBD-infused soap products? We have gathered 5 of the best CBD brands that manufacture CBD soaps and presented them all in one place so you can compare and make the best choice for you and your skin. 

Top CBD Soap Companies

  1. American Shaman

This brand uses CBD oil from hemp grown in the United States and sourced from organic, non-GMO farms in Colorado and Kentucky.

In addition, their proprietary nanotechnology allows their CBD products to be 9x more bioavailable than any other product on the market so that they can be absorbed faster and more effectively by the body. 

In their CBD-infused soap, American Shaman includes other organic ingredients such as coconut & palm oils, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil.

Additionally, their soap is available in three incredible scents, deep spicy wood, sweet almond, and fresh mint. 

  1. Leef Organics 

Leef Organics offers unique and sleek-looking CBD soap bars packed with premium ingredients like dehydrated coconut milk, organic acacia fiber, organic coconut oil, and natural fragrance oils. 

These high-quality ingredients make it great for those suffering from dry and sensitive skin and those who desire natural ingredients in their CBD products. 

Leef Organics Nooks and Crannies CBD soaps are available in amazing scents, including Cucumber Melon, Charcoal & Clay, Black Chamomile, White Tea & Ginger, and Cactus & Agave.

  1. Mission Farms 

Mission Farms CBD Goat Milk Soap is 25% goat milk and includes an impressive 200mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. Goat milk is an ingredient that is great for soothing irritated or dry skin as the skin can absorb it very well. 

This high potency of CBD combined with high-quality and organic ingredients provides the best experience possible. 

Mission Farms offers this Goat Milk CBD bar soap in a few different versions, including “Rest” with lavender blossom, “Relieve” with spearmint and eucalyptus, “Relax” with honey & grapefruit, and finally, “Pure,” with honey and oatmeal.

  1. Cannuka Cleansing

Cunnuka products focus on combing both CBD and manuka honey, honey from New Zealand that is believed to have incredibly powerful health benefits compared to others.

However, since this type of honey is far more expensive than typical honey, products containing it tend to be more pricey. 

Cunnuka uses other high-quality ingredients in their CBD bar soap, such as tea tree oil, black pepper extract, and plant-based carrier oils. However, Unfortuality, this brand does not list the potency of its soap bars.

  1. CBD Living  

CBD Living soap bars have been enriched with 100mg of nano CBD particles. In addition, they feature a conditioning coconut oil-based formula available in various scents, including Lavender, Amber Bergamot, Coconut Lime, and Eucalyptus. 

This CBD-infused soap includes other natural ingredients like coconut oil and Lavender Angustifolia. Living soap bars are THC free, non-GMO, vegan safe, and only use CBD extracted from hemp grown in the United States.

CBD Soap vs CBD Topicals

CBD soaps and topicals are very similar; you could consider the soap a CBD topical. 

The main difference between these two is how long it is in contact with the skin. Like any other type of soap, CBD soap and CBD body wash only remain on your skin for a few moments in the bath or shower before it gets washed off. 

This provides minimal time for the skin to absorb its infused CBD. However, topical such as CBD ointments or balms can be adequately absorbed since they are left on and can be applied often. 

However, it is essential to remember that CBD soap is not intended to treat specific skin conditions but instead as an alternative to soap that can dry or irritate the skin. 

Common Ingredients in CBD Soap and What They Do

  • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye): An essential core natural ingredient in making soap that, when combined with a fatty acid, forms sodium hydroxide, which is easier on the skin than in its raw form. 
  • Oils & Fatty Acids: These are another important ingredient in making soap; the Lye binds to these fats to create the active ingredient of soap, sodium hydroxide. These oils and fatty acids usually consist of coconut, palm, MCT, argan, and sunflower oils. 
  • Essential or Fragrance Oils- To add a pleasant scent to a soap bar, companies typically use essential or fragrance oils. Higher quality brands tend to stick with natural essential oils, while cheaper products often use synthetic fragrance oils for the smell. 
  • Scent Binders: After being exposed to air, the essential oils in soap can dissipate, causing the bar to lose its scent. Scent binders are intended to limit this effect and keep the soap bar smelling nice. Ingredients like corn starch, orris root, and beeswax are often used to do this.

Why Make the Switch to CBD soap?

Switching over to a CBD-infused soap comes with various benefits. For starters, research has suggested that CBD can provide anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties.

In addition, CBD-infused soaps have also been shown to improve sleep quality, ease discomfort, and help manage pain. 

Main Benefits of CBD Soap

  • Provides all the same benefits as other soap products but has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with signs of aging and acne.
  • Typically made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Great for people who have sensitive skin
  • Reduces the skin drying effects that ordinary soap can cause


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