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When history is written about CBD and its (very many) incarnations, CBD patches will be one of the CBD versions that will sink or swim. Based on their success in an increasingly crowded and competitive market for CBD products. CBD patches for pain, swelling, discomfort, or dry skin sound terrific on paper, but what to say of their efficacy? The importance of longevity added remedies in the form of vitamins, minerals, and herbs and the timeline of effects and relief are all critical to any consumer. We seek to cover much of that in today’s match-up blog.

After all, with CBD typically taken as a capsule or oil, the world of topical remedies is a bit less explored. While there is some available, research is still scant as of this writing. And when it comes to transdermal patches, the knowledge is even murkier, even if most agree that patches are safe. We will cover PureKana’s patch today, in addition to a fairly new product on the market. 

Specifically, we will be comparing it to The Good Patch’s “Hemp Queen” edition of their patch collection. It is a CBD patch meant to be used for topical relief, much like we at PureKana have developed our own CBD transdermal patch. We will seek to understand what makes these patches successful and contrast the approaches between them. Read on for more information. 

Product overview

The Good Patch – CBD Hemp Queen

The Good Patch has developed an assortment of transdermal patches in their store, but their proclaimed “crown jewel” is the Hemp Queen patch. This slow-release patch continuously delivers nutrients for about 8-12 hours and is entirely free from THC. According to The Good Patch’s website, all their products undergo rigorous and extensive 3rd party testing. 

PureKana CBD Transdermal Patch

This fast-acting transdermal patch by PureKana has a waterproof application and is hypoallergenic, featuring aloe as an added therapeutic topical benefit. Various herbs and added ingredients strengthen the effects of PureKana’s patch, and Certificates of Analysis are available on the product page. 

How They Stack Up 


The Good Patch Hemp Queen releases beneficial cannabinoids and nutrients for about an 8 to 12-hour span with a single patch. After that, it must be removed and discarded. 

PureKana’s Transdermal Patch can last up to four days. 


The Good Patch Hemp Queen comes in a 4-pack at $16, 16-pack at $56, 28-pack at $91, and a 40-pack for $120.

PureKana’s Transdermal Patches come in a single serving at $17 and a 3-pack at $48.99, making each patch around $16.33. 

Ingredient Profile

The Good Patch Hemp Queen contains just two ingredients, Industrial hemp extract, and Black Pepper extract. Black pepper enhances absorption and has soothing therapeutic properties of its own.

PureKana’s Transdermal Patches contain full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut oil, aloe vera butter, apricot kernel oil, red palm oil, shea oil, safflower, and sage oil. Aloe helps protect the skin against irritation, shea and coconut oil moisturizes and help keep the skin supple, while red palm, apricot, and sage provide essential vitamins and antioxidants. 


The Good Patch Hemp Queen contains 20 mg of CBD per patch. 

PureKana’s Transdermal Patches contain 60 mg of CBD in each patch. 

Purity and Safety

The Good Patch Hemp Queen is sourced from organic ingredients and undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing.

PureKana’s Transdermal Patches are non-GMO, organic, and hypoallergenic with aloe vera and helpful essential oils to keep the skin healthy during treatments. It also has an alcohol swab to apply before using the patch. 

Our Take 

The significance of pricing and supply are important, but the real core of a product’s stand out is its ingredients’ quality and efforts to keep consumers safe and happy with their product.

The Good Patch does a great job of branding, clear instructions, and a simplistic ingredient base that will entice many customers.

PureKana does an excellent job of keeping potencies high, ingredients high quality and completely organic, and ensuring the customer’s comfort through additions like an alcohol patch.

Longevity is a bit of a complex, mixed bag. At first glance, it would seem that The Good Patch’s 12-hour longevity is quite a letdown considering PureKana’s patches last up to 4 days. Still, supply helps to counteract that (PureKana’s Transdermal patches’ largest supply comes in a pack of 3, while The Good Patch has packs of 16 to 120 patches).  

The potency for The Good Patch gets a bit of a mulligan thanks to the ample supply of patches, but 20 mg a patch compared to 60 mg is the ballgame, and PureKana wins that metric. 

Value is similarly complex, with PureKana’s pricey $16.33 price per patch. Still, again, this is an incomplete picture considering one PureKana patch can last four days, while you are only getting a maximum of 12 hours with The Good Patch’s $3 patch. 

Lastly, the ingredient profile tells two different stories of simplicity and complexity. The Good Patch opted for CBD extract and black pepper, while PureKana includes full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut oil, aloe vera butter, apricot kernel oil, red palm oil, shea safflower, and sage oil. Because of its importance in keeping skin healthy, this round goes to PureKana.

The Good Patch has made a valiant effort with their CBD line of patches, but by comparison, PureKana does walk away with this contest. So, therefore, we are giving this to PureKana! 

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