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You may or may not have heard of THCV, but you have undoubtedly heard about THC in all its glory.

THCV, a sibling cannabinoid of THC, is a compound unlike the usual suspects in the cannabinoid roster because it does something quite different from its relatives. 

THCV is responsible for a new burst of hype around rarer cannabinoids that may have health benefits above and beyond the usual sedative or pain management benefits.

In this case, THCV is responsible for a new frontier in the cannabis industry, keeping users alert, focused, and creative while also ridding them of appetite spikes and dysfunctional short-term memory loss, and impaired motor coordination. 

As you may imagine, this could mean big things for not only the cannabis industry but the weight loss industry at large.

So let’s go into how you can consume THCV before it becomes as ubiquitous as CBD. 


You may be surprised that THCV pens are already available in limited quantities from some vendors, some in disposable form.

These pens are oil-based and, in current examples, function as an amalgamation of different cannabinoids “enriched” with THCV alongside them. These cannabinoids maybe ones like Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10, along with CBG.

As a result, you can expect an immediate hit of uplifting, stimulating, and creative energy and a sense of calm and mental clarity. 

It comes in cartridges that are attachable to a battery if you want to avoid disposable vapes. 

THCV Flower

THCV flower is THCV heavy cannabis that you can purchase at a dispensary, assumedly in a state that has legalized cannabis in its marijuana form.

These flower products can be broken down with a grinder and inserted into a pipe or rolled with specialty papers to create a joint.

You can look forward to energetic, alert, and mood-enhancing effects by smoking a THCV joint, thanks to its differential molecular structure from THC.

In addition, certain strains of marijuana plants like Red Congolese, Doug’s Varin, Pineapple Purps, and Jack the Ripper will have very high amounts of THCV.

They will thus give you a pleasant, non-debilitating “high” that renders you more creative and chipper. 

THCV Pills

Sold a bit more rarely than the previous versions, these pills can be consumed for appetite suppression.

These doses are concentrated, meaning you will often find them in sublingual tablets, which are far more effective delivery than capsules or tablets. In addition, these tablets will be absorbed under the tongue for immediate effect. 


THCV Oil is probably the most commonly sold form of THCV, primarily because its sublingual system with quick absorption and delivery.

Making these methods a bit more of a flexible form of THCV (you can cook with it or mix it in other beverages).

Be careful with dosing in this form, though, and take your calculator out and understand the exact dosing instructions depending on the type of product you are considering. 


While we anticipate THCV’s broader rollout (and the legal challenges it may meet, similar to Delta-8’s issues in multiple states here in the United States), it is essential to get ahead of the game by understanding what you can expect when you take THCV, how it will work inside the body, and what proper dosing looks like.

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