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CBD has found its way into the world of athletics as more and more gym-goers and athletes are switching to the extract as an effective fitness supplement.

While most people think of it more as a sleep aid, CBD pre workout has great potential in providing a sustainable boost of energy and keeping users focused.

After the exercise, CBD can alleviate aches and pains as well as allow the person to relax and properly rest their body. 

If you are still unsure about implementing CBD as a pre workout in your routine, continue reading this guide where we will explain how CBD works in our body, the benefits of taking CBD before workout and after, and the different types of pre workout CBD products you can choose from. 

How CBD Works in The Body 

Our bodies have what is called the Endocannabinoid system, which is a complex network of enzymes, lipids, and receptors.

Scientists have discovered over the years that cannabis binds to receptors located in the brain and has health-related impacts on functions such as mood, immune response, pain and inflammation, appetite, and memory. 

CBD is unlike the other popular compound found in the cannabis plant, THC which is the psychoactive compound that causes a high.

CBD is typically available in three different types, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates:

  • Full-spectrum: Includes all parts of the cannabis plant. Products with this type of CBD contain less than < 0.3% of THC. The inclusion of the hundreds of compounds found in hemp allows for an entourage effect where they all work in tandem to provide a more substantial effect but will not get the user high.
  • Broad-spectrum: Contains most parts of the cannabis plant, but unlike the full spectrum, it only has trace amounts of THC
  • Isolates: Contains only CBD; no other cannabinoids or THC is included.

Taking CBD Before a Workout

For the best workout session possible, you need to be in the right headspace and have a good amount of physical energy.

If you struggle with getting your mind and body in the right place for a successful workout, CBD as a pre workout may be able to help. 

What many people don’t realize about working out is that your pre-workout routine really begins the night before with a good night’s rest.

Taking a larger dose of CBD the night before you go to the gym can help you fall asleep faster and wake up recharged and ready to go. 

CBD can also be a great alternative to coffee or an energy drink in the morning as the exact can help boost energy and provide sustainable energy throughout the day without crashing. 

When it comes to warming up before your workout routine, taking CBD for working out can help alleviate any muscle tension and support healthy blood flow so that you can get to your workout quicker. 

For athletes who sometimes get anxious about accomplishing their athletic goals or experience social anxiety while in the gym, CBD and exercise can also help quiet your mind so that you can focus on having a successful workout. 

Tips for taking CBD before a workout

Below are a few tips for effectively taking CBD before workout:

  • About one or two hours before working out, take some sort of CBD product along with a meal or smoothie packed with protein, greens, and fruits.  This way, your body gets all the fuel it needs for a successful workout along with all the benefits of CBD.
  • Use a CBD tincture and place a drop or two directly under your tongue right before you begin your warm-up routine. This is the fastest way to begin feeling the beneficial effects of the extract.
  • If you prefer taking gummies or capsules, make sure to time your consumption correctly, as these products can take up to two hours to begin feeling anything. 

Taking CBD Post-Workout

If you’ve been looking for a way to recover from your workouts quicker by alleviating sore muscles and joints as well as reducing inflammation after the gym.

CBD and muscle recovery go hand in hand. Adding CBD to your post routine along with proper rest, hydration, and the right foods can help you recover from your workout routine quicker than ever before. 

Inflammation is what causes soreness and burning as we create microscopic tears in our muscles whenever we work out.

CBD can significantly reduce this inflammation so that the body can heal with less discomfort.

The extract can also help regulate different functions in the body, like the immune system, leading to an improved feeling of the body overall.

Tips for taking CBD post-workout 

Below are a few tips for effectively taking CBD after a workout:

  • Try a CBD-infused massage oil and use it to work through tension in your muscles after a workout. Doing so can help alleviate aches and pains as well as reduce and prevent inflammation.
  • Place a drop or two of CBD under the tongue as soon as you feel discomfort anywhere on your body and the effect should come on quickly.

Types of CBD Products

There are various ways to consume CBD, all with their own lists of pros and cons. Choosing the right one all depends on the needs and preferences of the consumer. The most common CBD products available include:

  • CBD capsules and edibles: This method of consumption can take some time to work since the product needs to be metabolized by the digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. It can take up to two hours to begin feeling the effects of a capsule or an edible such as a gummy. 
  • CBD Tincture: This method involves placing a few drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue and holding it there for about one minute before swallowing. This is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, usually taking about 15 minutes and can last up to 6 hours.
  • CBD vapes: Vaporization is another quick and effective way of consuming the compound as it gets absorbed by lung tissue, and the effects are near-instantaneous. 
  • CBD Topicals: This method includes products like creams, body balms, lotions, soaps, and ointments. The CBD in these products works with the skin’s endocannabinoid system and can provide more targeted relief, which is excellent for alleviating joint pains after a workout. 

Final Thoughts

CBD can be an effective all-natural way of preparing your mind and body for a successful workout routine.

Using CBD fitness products like tinctures, body balms, and edibles can provide a sustainable boost of energy, ease muscle tension, alleviate pain and inflammation and even reduce pre-workout anxiety.

If you have been searching for new ways to get the most out of your workout, consider giving a CBD product a try. 


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