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Pets and humans share similar anatomical structures and processes, including an endocannabinoid system. This system produces the body’s natural cannabinoids and where external cannabinoids interact with the body.

Pets use CBD for the same reasons humans do: to manage pain, anxiety, and other ailments more naturally with fewer harmful side effects. CBD oil for dogs has few to no side effects in most cases.

CBD isn’t known to be harmful to humans or pets in any meaningful way, and research is currently in the process on just how many uses CBD has in both playing fields. So it’s safe to say that CBD has a bright future ahead of it.

Product overview

PureKana is well-respected in the CBD space for its innovative approach to CBD products. Using only organic, USA-grown hemp, PureKana produces a potent and affordable CBD option for every need—including those of your pets. 

cbdMD aims to provide your furry friends with high-quality hemp-derived CBD and ingredients formulated by veterinarians. Their CBD oil tinctures offer your pets the benefits of premium CBD designed to support better health, improve calmness, and your pup’s overall wellbeing.

How They Stack Up 


So how much oil do you get in one tincture? How much CBD comes in each tincture?

If you have any questions about CBD oil dosage for dogs, consult your vet, and remember the basic dosing rule for dogs: 1–5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Because potencies vary by CBD product, it’s essential to read the label to determine the amount of CBD to offer, not focus on the volume of the product it’s in.

Both tinctures offer the same amount of oil in every tincture: the standard 30mL (1 fl oz.) However, where they vary will be in how much CBD they contain. 

PureKana makes its pet oil available in two sizes: 250mg and 500mg of CBD. 

cbdMD, on the other hand, makes its pet oil available in five different sizes: 150mg, 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg. 

Verdict: Being able to pick your potency is an important aspect of choosing the right CBD oil for you and your pet. The first round goes to cbdMD!


Since the CBD market is so new and unregulated, it is crucial that you always do your research and make sure that the products you are buying were made with the highest quality available. Fortunately, both of these companies are well established and reputable. 

Both brands source their hemp from CBD and use the C02 extraction method.

Both brands include their Certificates of Analysis on their product pages. A COA (or C of A) is a “Certificate of Analysis” and is one of the essential tools to determine a CBD product’s quality and purity. It is also the most important tool you have to ensure that you get the amount of CBD you are paying for.

Verdict: This round ends in a draw! Both companies provide quality products and do an excellent job of remaining transparent.


At the time of this writing, PureKana offers their 250mg dog CBD oil for about $30, while cbdMD (again, at the time we are writing this) offers their 300mg variant for about the same price. The other sizes follow roughly the same trend.

Verdict: if you are looking for value for you and your canine companions, cbdMD will give you more bang for your buck. cbdMD wins this bout!


PureKana for dogs is offered in a bacon flavor variant that your four-legged friend is guaranteed to love.

Meanwhile, cbdMD oil for dogs is available in natural (unflavored) and Peanut Butter.

Verdict: It is excellent that cbdMD has an unflavored version of their pet CBD, since maybe some dogs wouldn’t like Peanut Butter or maybe since, just like humans, dogs can have peanut allergies too. However, the ingredients and price of Natural pet oil are the same as those available for humans. Since PureKana also has an unflavored variant available, we have to declare this one another draw!


The role of the chef is to bring out the best in the ingredients. Likewise, the ingredient itself also helps to bring out the best of the dishes. The usbring out the dishes’ bestients can help to bring out the dish’s full potential.

Both CBD oils, more-or-less, have the exact same ingredients. 

On the PureKana website, the ingredients are shown as “Full-spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp oil, hemp seed oil, natural flavor.”

The cbdMD website declares the ingredients of the pet CBD oil to be: “Hemp extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), MCT oil, and natural flavors.”

Verdict: This category ends in another tie!


This was a tough match-up. PureKana is suitable for people new to the CBD industry and offers a wide variety of products for pets and humans alike. On the other hand, CbdMD shines in its overall value and how many different CBD concentration levels are available. 

Though both companies offer high-quality products for your pup, we have to give the edge to cbdMD for their pet CBD. 

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