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CBD has been gaining popularity recently because of its many potential benefits like reducing anxiety and stress, managing pain, and promoting sleep. CBD can be added to virtually anything from ointments to infused tea, and now, CBD candles!

Inhaling the scent of a CBD candle helps support an overall feeling of calm and relaxation in any room. CBD-infused candles also have the potential to manage pain and reduce inflammation.

We have conveniently gathered everything you need to know about CBD candles here so that you best decide if they are the best option for you.

What is a CBD candle?

CBD oil candles are just like any other candle; they are just infused with CBD oil.

While CBD comes from cannabis plant varieties, inhaling a CBD candle’s aroma is different from smoking. Candles with CBD will not create a smokey odor and cannot get you high as CBD does not contain psychoactive compounds.

These unique candles are typically mixed with different essential oils and produce incredible herbaceous blends with virtually any scent. 

The process begins with the cannibal getting extracted from stalks, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant.

This oil then gets diluted using a carrier oil such as coconut oil; this mixture gets added to candle wax, creating a CBD candle.

CBD Candles Benefits

Studies suggest that CBD can reduce feelings of anxiety, promote relaxation, and help users get to sleep. So, how do CBD candles work? 

When the CBD inside the candle gets picked up by your nose, this can stimulate cell receptors that transmit messages to the nervous and limbic systems, the brain’s parts that play a role in regulating emotions. 

The benefits of candles with CBD don’t just stop at mood improvements, as there are physical benefits to lighting a CBD candle.

According to research, CBD oil can also help with inflammation and pain management. By inhaling the scent of CBD-infused candles, your body may release certain compounds that can relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Common CBD Candle Ingredients 

The best CBD candles include hemp seed oil, essential oils, fragrance oils, soybean wax, and terpenes.

The exact ingredients included in a CBD candle can vary depending on the manufacturer and scent.

As the CBD market grows, plenty of CBD oil candles are available in various scents with different beneficial aromatic ingredients.

Where to Use a CBD Candle

CBD-infused candles can be enjoyed virtually anywhere, but it is best to put them somewhere you would like to promote relaxation and calmness. 

This may include a yoga studio, massage office, bedroom as you meditate, etc.

It may be wise to keep CBD candles out of areas where you need to stay focused or alert, such as a home office. 


Candles with CBD oil can transform any room into an area of peace and tranquility. Inhaling the therapeutic scent of a CBD candle can help you relax from a stressful day and is the perfect addition to a bubble bath or massage. 

These unique candles are available in various scents, won’t leave a room smelling like you smoked, and will never leave you feeling “high.”

Instead, introducing CBD candles into your home can provide a happy, positive, and healthy ambiance to any room. 


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