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CBD has taken the health world by storm in recent years. Many people have turned to CBD to relieve pain and symptoms of various medical conditions.

If you need to apply CBD to a larger area of your body or onto a bendy part where CBD topicals won’t fit, then using the CBD roll-on is your best option. This is a CBD hemp-based product that can help with sore joints, general aches and pain, muscle soreness, and bruising.

While CBD Roll-Ons act in different ways to relieve pain after sports activities and workouts, it is essential to choose the right topical CBD product for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Let’s compare two of the best CBD brands on the market to see who offers the best CBD Roll-on product money can buy.

Product overview

Medterra’s CBD Roll-on provides an immediate cooling effect perfect for joint and muscle support. Their convenient applicator is ideal for your active, on-the-go lifestyle that requires no handwashing or mess to clean up. The roll-on format can target localized pain points, with the added perk of being a self-massage with the roller.

PureKana’s CBD Roll-on is fast-acting, convenient, and effective. These CBD roll-ons allow you to target your treatment precisely where it’s needed, wherever you may go. Designed for easy application, these roll-ons are perfect for use at the gym or office but powerful enough to take the edge off after a long day.

How They Stack Up 

Cannabinoid Profile

Medterra’s CBD Roll-on is a CBD isolate product according to the COA provided on their website.

PureKana’s CBD Roll-on is a Broad Spectrum CBD product based on the COA located on the product page. 

Verdict: While a CBD isolate product might be ideal for the select few that do not want a CBD Roll-on with any THC, the entourage effects offered by PureKana’s broad spectrum provide a wide range of health benefits. Medicinal properties like anticancer, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic. This round goes to PureKana!


Medterra makes their CBD roller available in 3 different concentrations: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

PureKana offers their Pain Relief Roll-on in 3 strengths: 400mg, 600mg, and 2000mg. 

Verdict: Both brands do an excellent job of providing their consumers with plenty of options; however, because PureKana offers their roll-ons with a bit more CBD concentration, we have to give this round to PureKana!

Active Ingredients

Medterra lists the active ingredients of their CBD Roll-on as CBD, Denatured Alcohol, and Menthol.

PureKana also identifies the active ingredients of their CBD roller on their website. Aside from CBD, the active ingredients also include Capsicum and Menthol.

Verdict: In this round, both brands provide the same active ingredients in their CBD roll-on. However, what sets them apart is the incorporation of Capsicum. Capsicum, derived from peppers, is commonly used for muscle pains, strains, and sprains. Its inclusion cannot go unrewarded: PureKana takes the cake!


Medterra’s CBD Roll-on is available in a 2oz container.

PureKana makes their CBD Roll-on available in 2oz and 3oz containers. 

Verdict: Both brands make their CBD roller available in a 2oz container, but PureKana goes the extra mile and makes their rapid relief CBD roll-on available in a bigger, 3oz variant. This round goes to PureKana!


Medterra, at the time of this writing, sells their CBD Roll-on for $25 to $65, depending on which concentration you purchase.

PureKana currently makes their CBD Roll-on products available for between $45 and $130, again, depending on the strength you have in mind.

Verdict: Value is a category where Medterra gets to shine. Their most small roller goes for almost half the price of PureKana’s. But remember, PureKana is offering nearly double the CBD concentration in their smallest container. Either way, we have to give credit where credit is due and give this round to Medterra!


Pain relief roll-ons are just one of the latest products to hit the ever-growing CBD market. However, far from being a fad, they have distinct benefits compared with some products.

Both competitors fought hard and provided their consumers with a quality CBD product that can make a difference in someone’s life. However, PureKana came out on top. They offer a broad spectrum CBD roller that is larger and more concentrated; it also includes the undeniable power of Capsicum. 

There are more CBD oil options than ever. Every CBD company claims to offer pure, high-quality cannabidiol, but no one comes close to PureKana in the CBD roller game. 

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