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Every year, researchers uncover more and more facts about the importance of restful sleep. With MedTerra and PureKana boasting somewhat unique CBD PM formulas, we at least have some help while we do our best to heed the experts’ recommendations. CBD oil capsules are not a cure-all, even if they flood the bloodstream with 25 mg of melatonin in a single dose (neither PureKana nor MedTerra does this!). CBD pills are just one tool in an exhausted young professional’s toolkit to combat the wakefulness and stressors that keep the mind ruminating instead of resting. 

Gel capsule CBD infused with melatonin is one way to go about this, but PureKana and MedTerra take it further with their respective CBD 25 mg capsules. A customized, multi-faceted sleep aid can be made out of some commonly known household herbs, CBD, and melatonin by incorporating specialized amino acids like GABA or herbs like passionflower. 

These products help ensure better nighttime rest and encourage homeostasis in the body, an essential factor in today’s anxiety-ridden times where stress regularly wreaks havoc on our already exhausted bodies. Below, we take a look at both of these products in detail and give you our take on which one deserves a closer look. 

Product overview

MedTerra Goodnight CBD Capsules

Empowered by liposomal technology, MedTerra’s premium sleep aid incorporates 25 mg gel tablets and CBD isolates with a proprietary blend of herbs and amino acids to give you a nice, relaxing feeling in the moments before your head hits the pillow. Thirty capsules come in a bottle at a one capsule dose. All product 3rd party verification is available on product pages on MedTerra’s website. 

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules

Boasting GABA, 5-HTP, and 25 mg of CBD Isolate, this sleep aid by PureKana is a one capsule nighttime formula that ensures you will sleep like a baby each night. Like CBD, key ingredients like L-Theanine are adaptogens, and 5-HTP is a highly effective and safe amino acid that relaxes the body. The Certificate of Analysis is always available directly on PureKana’s product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Product Innovation

MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules are made with liposomal technology. This innovation helps it stand apart from other sleep aids due to its nutrient and product delivery efficiency inside the stomach’s harsh environment, which tends to leave much of our supplements to pass through the body without proper absorption. This is a game-changer for compounds that struggle to be metabolized by the body efficiently. 

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules employ 5-HTP, a common and well-known amino acid, but seems like the perfect counterpart to CBD. Both compounds have much of the same benefits and positive side effects as nighttime adaptogens. 


MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules come at a one capsule dose with 25 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin.

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules are a one capsule dose with 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of melatonin. 


MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules is a 30-count supply for a month’s worth. 

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules are also a 30-day supply. 


MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules are $54.99

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules will run you $83.00

Ingredient Quality

MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules use liposomal forms of melatonin, CBD, and herbs like passionflower, chamomile, and amino acid GABA. 

PureKana PM Melatonin CBD Capsules are sourced with the finest Kentucky grade hemp, and all capsules are vegetable cellulose without synthetic preservatives. 

Our Take

This is a tough matchup mainly because both brands chose very efficient supporting ingredients to make their respective sleep aids pack a punch. But as with many versus blogs, we will see that sometimes the strength of one brand is a weakness of another. 

When it comes to product innovation, PureKana gives itself a fighting chance with its particularly excellent ingredient profile and easy dosing schedule. Still, MedTerra boasts both those things and even more with its liposomal delivery system, automatically guaranteeing a more stimulating and well-working product. So this point goes to MedTerra.

Strength and concentration is a slight edge for PureKana, with their strong 5 mg dose of melatonin to MedTerra’s 3 mg. Both brands utilize 25 mg of CBD isolate (if you ask me, I think full spectrum CBD would have been better, but I digress). So we will give a slight edge to PureKana on this one. Both serving and supply are at 30 counts for each product.

Lastly, for value, it is not a contest; MedTerra offers the benefits and flashiness of PureKana, but without the hefty price tag, it out-prices PureKana by nearly $30.00!

It was a close race, but we have to give this round to MedTerra. 

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