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Are you a morning person? This writer is decidedly not a morning person. Yours truly hates early rises so much that I have to set 6 or 7 alarms to ensure I wake up promptly with enough time to get myself together in the morning. Sure, caffeine helps, and better sleep hygiene and keeping a healthy lifestyle. At PureKana, the philosophy of a CBD supplement as an adaptogen is strongly adhered to. So an AM CBD and caffeine hybrid supplement seem like something worth pursuing. Or perhaps CBD with B12, ashwagandha, and ginger? 

I am sure you are wondering about the usefulness and viability of the combinations mentioned above. A CBD supplement is what consumers turn to for its calming properties and its ability to allow the body a moment to chill out. Premium brands like PureKana and MedTerra have developed a CBD oil capsule to prove that CBD’s adaptogenic qualities are also perfectly appropriate for daytime use. CBD pills and CBD liquid have already carved out their reputation for putting the mind and body at ease. 

Today’s blog will look at two daytime versions of CBD developed by both PureKana and MedTerra, and our comparison will help you understand why popping a few CBD gel capsules in the daytime could help keep your morning slump at bay. 

Product overview

MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules

Using liposomal technology, Medterra jump-starts your day with highly effective delivery of CBD, plus an assortment of B-vitamins, caffeine, and herbs quickly metabolized and absorbed by the body with a one capsule dose. Thanks to a terrific adaptogenic blend of various herbs and critical B-vitamins, you can expect less of the ugly afternoon slumps that cut your productivity and health. Certificate of Authenticity is available directly via product pages on MedTerra’s website. 

PureKana AM CBD Capsules

PureKana also seeks to promote the adaptogenic and energy-boosting benefits of CBD by coming up with CBD capsules infused with B12 and caffeine, all with a healthy 15 mg dose of CBD. This one capsule dosing schedule is perfect for a daytime jumpstart, and the caffeine percentage is reasonable enough to where you can still combine this dose with your morning cup of coffee or even save it for the post-lunch slump. In addition, all PureKana products have Certificates of Authenticity available directly via product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Product Innovation

MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules can claim liposomal technology as one of the reasons to fork over your dollars for this highly efficient CBD supplement. This technology encases vital nutrients in lipid “vehicles” that protect them from the stomach’s harsh environment, ensuring you get what the label says you get. MedTerra also gets points for its use of B12 in methylcobalamin form, the form easiest metabolized by the body, and herbal extracts like Maca root and ashwagandha.

PureKana AM CBD Capsules keeps its approach quite formulaic, although it contains 78 mg of caffeine in its one dose capsule, equivalent to 1 cup of coffee. 


MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules boast 25 mg of CBD and 40 mg of caffeine. 

PureKana AM CBD Capsules have 15 mg of CBD and 78 mg of caffeine. 


MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules come in a 30-day supply.

PureKana AM CBD Capsules also come in a 30-day supply. 


MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules are priced at $54.99 as of this writing. 

PureKana AM CBD Capsules are priced at $83.00 per bottle.

Ingredient Quality

MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules boasts the finest version of B12 (methylcobalamin) and its herbal extracts like Maca, turmeric, and ginger. 

PureKana AM CBD Capsules contain caffeine, thiamin, B12, B6, CBD, and vegetable cellulose for the capsule. 

Our Take

One thing to remember about a compound like CBD is that any brand will have its philosophy on how to expand it beyond its humble beginnings. CBD by itself can only be done so many times, so brands must brainstorm to come up with different ways of showing consumers how to incorporate an extract from a hemp plant into their daily life. It is not always easy, and brands pick and choose where to devote their resources.

Considering just how innovative MedTerra made their daytime CBD capsules, this may be an unfair matchup, but as previously stated, brands sometimes have reasons for simplifying one category; it could free up resources to innovate in another (topicals, potency, etc.). So it’s worth comparing different philosophies! 

MedTerra is far more innovative than PureKana with its delivery system (liposomal technology) and ingredients, while PureKana takes the minimalist approach. Points for MedTerra. 

Strength and potency are a draw, as MedTerra has the higher CBD potency, but PureKana enjoys higher potency caffeine. Supply is also a tie for both brands as they both come in at 30-day supplies 

Value is not even a contest, as MedTerra’s $55 price tag is far less than PureKana’s $83, and ingredients found in MedTerra’s formula are more exclusive than those of PureKana.

MedTerra, congratulations – you earned today’s win! 

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