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More and more people are taking CBD oil for general health and treating various ailments, especially since the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD and other hemp products legal at the federal level.

However, with a rise in demand comes an increase in companies taking shortcuts to get their products to market. As a result, in today’s widely unregulated CBD market, it is more important than ever to make sure you are making an informed decision when you purchase a CBD product. 

This article will compare two of the most popular CBD oil brands available: Medterra and PureKana. Will Medterra come out on top? Or will PureKana disappoint the competition? Let’s find out!

Product overview

Medterra CBD offers quality and fully compliant products made with CBD extracted from the U.S. grown industrial hemp. They guarantee that every plant is organically grown, third-party tested, and certified to be free of contaminants. 

PureKana’s hemp CBD oil drops provide a premium-quality product crafted with the utmost love and care. Our oils are made using non-GMO hemp farming in the USA and only a handful of other ingredients necessary to formulate a world-class CBD oil. 

 How They Stack Up 


Medterra CBD makes its tinctures available in four different flavors: Citrus, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Mint, and a Natural, unflavored variant. 

PureKana makes its CBD tinctures available in six different flavors: Citrus, Mint, Vanilla, Blueberry, Fruity, and a Natural, unflavored variation. 

Verdict: Beyond making your CBD drops taste good, choosing the right flavor is also strategic. The right flavor can work synergistically to keep you regimented while appealing to your senses and emotions. Having said this, PureKana wins this round for the variety they provide for their customers. PureKana takes this round!


Medterra CBD produces a few unique CBD formulas meant for a specific purpose: “Immune,” “Antioxidant,” and “+CBG.”

PureKana, similarly, offers three different specifically formulated CBD tinctures: “Immune,” “Calm,” and “Sleep.”

Verdict: At this point, the benefits of conventional CBD are pretty undeniable, but we love to see brands pushing out CBD oils designed to address specific ailments. At three each, both brands see pretty eye-to-eye in this regard. Unfortunately, this match ends in a draw!

Isolate, Broad, or Full Spectrum

Medterra CBD makes its CBD tinctures available in Isolate, Broad, and Full-Spectrum variations.

PureKana currently only makes their CBD available in a Full-Spectrum variant.

Verdict: Without a doubt, having more options enables us to buy a product that matches our lifestyle choices or conditions. We love that Medterra gives their customers more freedom to choose the type of CBD oil they want: from the entourage effects of the full-spectrum varieties to the pure CBD oil of their isolate. They offer pure; natural CBD oil certainly gives them the upper hand in this category. This bout ends in a win for Medterra!

CBD Content

Medterra CBD offers their customers a wide range of CBD concentrations to choose from: 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg. 

PureKana, similarly, offers a wide range of CBD potencies for their consumers: 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 1600mg, 2500mg, 5000mg.

Verdict: Every person is unique and has different reasons for using CBD oil. While some people may prefer a mild solution, others may be looking to buy CBD hemp oil that is stronger and can deliver more powerful effects. We are happy that both competitors offer an ample selection of concentrations to choose from. This round ends with a well-deserved tie!

Hemp Source and Quality 

Medterra CBD sources its hemp from Kentucky and ensures that its products go through some pretty rigorous testing before it is made available to the consumer. All of their third-party test reports are available on their product pages. 

PureKana also uses hemp that is grown and extracted per the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. They also include the most recent lab reports on every product page of their online store. 

Verdict: Most reputable brands use an independent third-party lab to test their products for purity, potency, and quality. The certified results are then made available for customers on the brand’s website. By having its products tested by an independent lab, these brands are showing customers that they care about them, but they are also establishing trust and transparency. This round ends in another draw!


Always exercise care and discernment when purchasing CBD oil online because not all brands are created equal. While many reputable brands sell wonderful, clean, and potent CBD oils, many brands are still only interested in making a quick buck.

Both brands offer a superb product that is safe and of the highest quality. However, because of their commitments to providing some of the best CBD tinctures commercially available today, this battle must end in a tie!

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