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Yes, your cat and/or dog are about to thank you profusely for introducing their superior species to the loveliness of CBD. Whether it is CBD for cats or dogs, our furry family members need the same positive attributes of CBD that we homosapiens do.

Pet CBD tends to cover much of the same basis in CBD chews (which tend to be the easiest way for pets to consume CBD), although CBD drops for dogs are a viable option since they are (typically) the less finicky pet. That said, CBD oil for pets is somewhat of a new concept. MedTerra and PureKana have developed their pet lines, including multiple versions of THC. 

PureKana, quick to understand that dogs are the focal point of many American households, developed a line of chews and tinctures in delicious canine-favorite flavors. MedTerra had a more expansive vision in mind for their pet line and ensured that whatever you buy, it is both canine and feline appropriate. 

For today’s blog, we are going to take a closer look at both brands’ visions for a less anxious, healthier pet population and see which one fits our opinion of a true premium pet CBD line. Read on to discover more. 

Product overview

MedTerra CBD For Pets

With 3 terrific products, MedTerra offers something for everyone in their pet line, with all 3 products being generalized for dogs and cats equally. At 10 mg a chew, a dosing schedule on the label directs you on how to safely ensure the right amount for your pet. Calm chews include familiar ingredients like valerian and chamomile, while joint chews include glucosamine and MSM. Also included is a dog or cat tincture for standalone CBD doses that come in multiple strengths. Product Certificates of Analysis are available directly via MedTerra product pages. 

PureKana CBD For Dogs

PureKana opted for a pet line that exclusively targets dogs, with high potency and deliciously flavored chews for both large and small breeds. A tincture is available in multiple doses and has an appetizing bacon flavor. PureKana for dogs provides 25 mg of full-spectrum extract, and a Certificate of Analysis is available directly via product pages.  

How They Stack Up 

Product Innovation

MedTerra CBD For Pets took care to ensure their pet line targets both dogs and cats and includes a wider array of dosing options as a result. CBD Isolate is used in all chews and tinctures and chews, in particular, deliver targeted needs for pets. Tinctures come in multiple flavors – beef, chicken, and unflavored. 

PureKana CBD For Pets concentrates on dogs for its line, and as such gives only the most enticing flavors for canines, and keeps things simple by distinguishing their chews by weight. Tinctures are available in 2 different doses (250 mg and 500 mg). 


MedTerra CBD For Pets keeps their dosing at 10 mg per chew, and depending on the concentration, tinctures stick to a 10 mg dose per dropper but can be customized to breed and size. 

PureKana CBD For Pets starts at 2.5 mg per chew for small breeds, and 5 mg for large breeds. Tinctures are customizable depending on size and potency, but 10 mg is recommended. 


MedTerra CBD For Pets gives you 30 chews a bag, and tinctures span from 15-60 servings. 

PureKana CBD For Pets gives you 20 chews a bag, and tinctures go up to 50 servings for both concentrations and are customizable. 


MedTerra CBD For Pets tinctures begin at $20 and go up to $55, while chews top off at around $40.

PureKana CBD For Pets is around $35-$40 for chews, and tinctures top off at around $30-$45. 

Ingredient Quality

MedTerra CBD For Pets uses Kentucky-grown hemp and multiple organic ingredients for their chews. 

PureKana CBD For Pets also used Kentucky-grown hemp, as well as all natural ingredients with minimal preservatives. 

Our Take 

This is a pretty close matchup as both brands have their strengths when it comes to catering to our fur babies. PureKana’s minimalist approach allows for flavors that are almost guaranteed to please your dog, as well as tinctures with a long supply lifespan, while MedTerra takes care to include felines with their brand and has a range of dosing in a customizable form for both.

On the question of product innovation, it is MedTerra’s game, hands down. By ensuring that they can cater to cats too, they had to get creative and introduce herbal remedies and dietary supplements dosed properly for pets of all sizes and species. PureKana limits itself to dogs, thus relinquishing this category to MedTerra. 

Strength and concentration are almost a wash, but for the chews by MedTerra, which are stronger than those offered by PureKana. 

Servings and supply, as well as value, are a tie since both brands wind up canceling each other out on supply or pricing of one product or another. 

Lastly, ingredient quality goes to MedTerra due to their focus on providing fresh organic ingredients for our fur friends, even though PureKana takes care to ensure that any dog taking their products is not plied with filler.

Though it is a close race, today’s winner is MedTerra, due to their innovative approach. 

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