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Add Martha Stewart to the lineup of famous faces who have developed their own CBD oil for sale. But, with the flood of celebrity-endorsed CBD products, how does it stack up to some of the more established brands of CBD that have made their mark–like, say, PureKana’s, for example? 

Not all CBD products are created equal. However, many of them succeed in areas like potency or price point, failing on other metrics like taste or fillers. At PureKana, we pride ourselves on transparency. Below, check out how Martha’s take on CBD Oils and tinctures stacks up next to PureKana’s renowned lineup of tinctures. 

For fairness’ sake, we will only review the singular CBD oils for each brand, bypassing spinoff versions of CBD oils that contain targeted ingredients for sleep, joint, or immune health.

Product overview

Martha Stewart CBD Oil

Martha’s exclusive CBD line is sized at 750ml per 1oz bottle with a 1500mg exclusive option, providing 25-50mg of CBD per serving. Flavors include Blood Orange, Lemon, Peppermint, and Unflavored. Martha Stewart’s CBD oils are all sourced from USA hemp. 

PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana’s extensive line of CBD oil ranges in doses from 7.5mg to 83.3mg of CBD in a serving, with the highest concentration of CBD being 5000mg in a 1oz bottle. Its flavors include Vanilla, Mint, Citrus, Natural, and Fruit. 

How They Stack Up

CBD Oil Purity and Extract Type

Martha Stewart’s CBD oils are made with Medium Chain Triglycerides, Stevia, and Natural flavors. All the oils are CBD Isolate extracts, marketed as the purest, natural version of CBD oil, meaning there are no terpenes or THC in this Oil. This can be an added plus for novice users of CBD who are weary of consuming THC even in inert, minuscule amounts. 

PureKana’s CBD oil ingredients, on the other hand, consist of Hemp oil extract, Terpenes, Medium Chain Triglycerides, and Natural flavors. In addition, all of PureKana’s oils are full-spectrum extracts, meaning terpenes and important cannabinoids are included in their products, giving users the ever-popular entourage effect. 


Martha Stewart’s CBD oils come in 2 strengths: 25mg and 50mg per serving. Per 1ml bottle, this equals 750 mg and 1500 mg each. 25 mg would be considered a moderate to high dose for new users, so Stewart’s line may be restrictive. On the other hand, some may like the clarity of choice. 

PureKana’s CBD Oil provides a significant array of dosing options, beginning with 7.5 mg, 15mg, 30mg, 41.6mg, and the most potent CBD oil dose at 83.3mg per serving. PureKana’s CBD line feels a little more established with far more options. 7.5 mg is a perfectly safe starter dosage for new users but may be too low for any significant effects. With so many options following, this vast array of dosing may confuse new users, leading to a more extended period of trial and error.


Martha Stewart’s CBD oil products range between $44.99 and $64.99, depending on potency. This is in line with most CBD products, making Stewart’s CBD line an affordable brand. 


PureKana’s CBD Oil price ranges come in between $54.00 to $390.00 for their potency. However, PureKana’s established brand and reputation mean you are paying a premium for an industry pioneer, which may turn off newer users. 


Martha Stewart’s CBD oil contains 30 days’ worth of servings for all its strengths. Servings are one full dropper, giving the user the option of staggering doses and/or dividing in half for a longer supply. This provides users added flexibility with mid to high potency dosages. 

PureKana’s CBD Oil products come in 30 to 60-day servings; some of them dosed as half a dropper, while others dose with a full dropper. Again, the vast array of dosing options gives PureKana’s line a sense of flexibility, but dosing can become inexact and overwhelming with so many different dosing methods. 

Certificate of Analysis

Martha Stewart’s CBD Oil has Certificates of Analysis for all its products, searchable by lot number upon product purchase.

PureKana’s CBD Oil has Certificates of Analysis for all its products, viewable on product pages.

Our Take

Between PureKana and Martha Stewart’s product lineup, what is the best CBD Oil? With such unique approaches to CBD oil respectively, the above contrasts speak to the strengths of both brands and some of their weaknesses.

Martha Stewart’s brand has the strength of simplified choices, with only two strengths, four flavors, and only one type of extract for her oils (in the form of a CBD isolate). Stewart’s tinctures also come in at a comfortable price point, with its strongest potency coming in at an affordable $64.99.

However, this simplicity can also work against Stewart’s lineup, with fewer options and the brand loyalty to CBD Isolate extract. These limits may frustrate some CBD shoppers who prefer broad or full-spectrum products and enjoy a wide variety of strengths and flavors to indulge in. 

PureKana, by contrast, is a far more established lineup of CBD oils, with an overwhelming variety of strengths, flavors, supply, and extracts. Beginners will find quite a bit to like about PureKana’s line of options, and so will more experience CBD enthusiasts who like ultra-strength CBD.  

However, PureKana has some drawbacks and restrictions of its own. Just as Stewart’s brand is loyal to CBD Isolate, PureKana’s tinctures are made up of only full-spectrum extracts, meaning those wary of consuming THC products will see no isolate options for them in PureKana’s line. 

PureKana’s prices are also an obstacle for newer users who may be curious about CBD but are less willing to try it at our price point. To be clear, PureKana’s high quality and distinguished extracts make our line worth anyone’s while, but beginners may prefer Stewart’s line for experimenting with CBD.

Martha Stewart has created a high-quality, user-friendly, and affordable series of CBD oils with terrific feedback. However, PureKana wins out with variety, flavor, and extensive options for the novice and the seasoned user. We give this round to PureKana for its brand diversity and longevity. 

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