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Edible CBD products are now the trendiest method of consuming America’s new favorite wellness product. But, with Martha Stewart leading the pack in terms of celebrity-backed CBD products, we at PureKana want to see the truth underneath the hype. We also want to see how Martha’s take on edible gummies stacks against our own, keeping it as authentic as possible!

Edible CBD gummies are curious about the cannabis world, with their ease of consumption balancing out their delayed activation time (CBD gets absorbed by the stomach, a more time-consuming process than sublingual CBD). 

Below, we will compare the dosing, supply, value, ingredient, and extract profiles of Martha Stewart CBD gummies and PureKana vegan gummies. 

Product overview

Martha Stewart Wellness Gummies

A Martha Stewart CBD edible product will give you a supply of 10 or 30 gummies with a flavor profile of citrus, berry, and harvest medley. All gummies have 10 mg of isolate CBD each, with all-natural ingredients.  

PureKana Vegan CBD gummies

The profile of PureKana vegan gummies begins with its clean ingredient profile, with all ingredients sourced from organic vegetables. Flavors include blue raspberry, apple cider vinegar, mango, and assorted fruit. All gummies have 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. 

How They Stack Up

CBD Oil Purity and Extract Type

Martha Stewart’s Edible CBD gummies are sourced from pure grade, USA-hemp, with all-natural ingredients from pectin, tapioca, and natural preservatives. While not vegan or organic, any fillers or preservatives used in Stewart’s gummies are from natural ingredients. As with Stewart’s other CBD products, only CBD isolate is used, with no terpenes or cannabinoids. 

PureKana’s Vegan gummies are also sourced from USA-grown hemp, with all of its ingredients and any necessary preservatives from organic sources. This includes organic flavoring from fruits (as an example, the blueberry gummies use organic tapioca and grape flavoring). These gummies are vegan, giving an added benefit of clarity and purity to the product. All of PureKana’s CBD gummies are infused with broad-spectrum CBD, giving users the benefit of terpenes for an enhanced effect. 


Martha Stewart’s CBD edibles do not stray from a standardized 10 mg dose per gummy, giving you the option of 1000 mg of CBD to 3000 mg of total CBD per package purchased. 

PureKana’s Vegan CBD edibles are steadfastly dedicated to an across-the-board dose, at 25 mg concentration of CBD per gummy. This gives you 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg concentrations, depending on which version you purchase.  


Martha Stewart’s CBD gummies come at an affordable price point and often have flash sales. All flavors of the 10-count CBD gummies come in at an affordable price of under $15. All flavors of the 30 count CBD gummies come in a price range spanning from low to high $30. 

PureKana’s Vegan CBD edibles start in the lower $40 range for their 20-count supply, low for $70 range for the 40-count, and around $90 for the 60-count. This means about $1.50-$2.00 per gummy, putting PureKana on the more expensive side per gummy, perhaps counteracted by the dosage is more than double that of Martha Stewart’s. 


Martha Stewart’s CBD gummies give you two options in terms of supply – and the option of taking as many as you want. With 10-count and 30-count options, your choices are limited, and you are permitted to consume as much as you want. As a result, you may get through quite a bit of your CBD supply sooner than you think.

PureKana’s CBD gummies offer 20, 40, and 60 count options, with the option of taking two gummies a day. This frees up a little bit of room for people who want more economical options at 25 mg a pop. But you will be shelling out a bit more with PureKana’s exclusive lines, even after flash sales. 

Certificate of Analysis 

Martha Stewart’s CBD Gummies have Certificates of Analysis for all its products, searchable by lot number upon product purchase.

PureKana’s Vegan CBD Edibles have Certificates of Analysis for all its products, viewable on product pages.

Our Take

Both PureKana and Martha Stewart (via Canopy) put a lot of thought and effort into developing formidable CBD options for any consumer. However, Stewart and Canopy took a more nuanced approach. Working only with CBD isolates, keeping dosages at 10 mg per gummy, and giving the consumer simplicity of choice, with a slight bias toward novice users of CBD.

PureKana is more comprehensive in its outlook on CBD. When it came to developing edible options for CBD, PureKana focused on a strong dose, several supply options, and being particularly discerning with ingredients used. This means a vegan product, with all organic ingredients, with every effort to ensure a very healthy product. PureKana also decided to maintain the entourage effect, with all its gummies using broad-spectrum CBD. 

So what do we think? For this round, we give the edge to PureKana once again. While the price points are stark by comparison to Martha Stewart’s, it is apparent that much care has gone into ensuring that these particular gummies set out to maximize the benefit for the consumer. 

The ingredients are high quality and suitable for those with a dedicated vegan lifestyle. The 25 mg dose is straight down the middle to appeal to new and veteran users alike. A wide range of flavor options gives more choice to the consumer, and economy-sized versions of their gummy mean a product with longer shelf life. 

We believe that PureKana got it right with their gummies, striking a balance between a comprehensive approach while giving the consumer clarity and uniformity with the aspects that can get most dicey, like dosage and extract types.

PureKana for this round! 

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