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A CBD balm, a CBD salve, what is the difference? Well, dear reader, not much. Both moisturize your skin and give it a rush of healthy vitamins, essential oils, and healing properties that can make it a terrific daily routine for any user. But, fellas, don’t be scared of body balms or salves either; now that women have acquired the decades of experience knowing how to keep their skin luminous, it would be wise of  guys to start doing the same yourselves and invest in CBD topicals like the ones made by PureKana and Joy Organics. Ashy skin isn’t a good look on anyone, and an organic CBD salve may be the correct remedy for you. 

One could also use a CBD balm for pain relief; a CBD topical product needs not merely emphasize moisturizing or aesthetics. For example, both Joy Organics and PureKana explicitly make consumers know that their product has therapeutic properties, making it function quite well for sore muscles, one of the most underreported benefits of CBD products. 

Below, we will detail what CBD salves/balms can do for you and compare these two brands head to head to let you know what we think of their approach. 
Product overview

Joy Organics Salve

This USDA-certified organic body salve by Joy Organics comes in 2 different sizes, boasting an assortment of vital ingredients and its broad-spectrum extract of CBD. Users can expect luminous skin with a spa-like aroma and quality, healing essential oils, and lots of high-grade CBD to massage into achy muscles. In addition, joy Organics has all lab testing and Certificate of Analysis available directly via product pages. 

PureKana Body Balm

Coming in an assortment of flavors/fragrances and multiple sizes, PureKana’s body balms offer high-quality CBD with therapeutics like beeswax and menthol. These balms contain 150 mg to 600 mg of CBD in their two different supply sizes. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via PureKana’s product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Cannabinoid Extract Profile

Joy Organics Salve contains broad-spectrum CBD, maintaining all beneficial properties of the accompanying cannabinoids and terpenes except for THC. 

PureKana Body Balm contains CBD isolate, an extract completely free of other cannabinoids and terpenes, just delivering CBD on its own. 

Supporting Ingredients

Joy Organics Salve contains all organic essential oils and extracts like lavender oil, beeswax oil, and organic eucalyptus. 

PureKana Body Balm contains sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, beeswax, shea butter, and mint essential oil. 

Fragrance Options

Joy Organics Salve comes in only one fragrance: lavender/eucalyptus.

PureKana Body Balm comes in lavender, mint, and menthol. 


Joy Organics Salve is priced at $54.95 for its 1 oz size and $79.95 for its 2 oz size. 

PureKana Body Balm is priced at $17.99 for its 0.5 oz size and $47.99 for its 2 oz size. 


Joy Organics Salve gives you two options for its potency (total): 500 mg at 1 oz, 1000 oz mg at 2 oz). 

PureKana Body Balm gives you two potency options at 150 mg and 600 mg. 

Our Take

As mentioned in the introduction, salves and body balms are the same, making this a valid comparison (English majors, do not yell at us!). In addition, both Joy Organics and PureKana have developed very soothingly therapeutic formulas for their topical applications. However, differing in key ways neither sacrifice their reputation for quality control and only use the finest ingredients to back up the important role taken by CBD extract. 

In the cannabinoid extract situation, it is a competition of the THC-free topicals. If you ask me, dear reader, I think full-spectrum CBD deserves a role in the world of CBD topicals, but as of right now, broad-spectrum is the best we get, so I give this particular metric to Joy Organics. 

For supporting ingredients, both brands take care to put plenty of therapeutic essential oils and beeswax to reinforce CBD’s nourishing properties. But it is Joy Organics, with the appropriate branding, which offers USDA organic essential oils in its ingredient profile, and for that reason, Joy takes the win on this metric. 

The apparent winner is PureKana, with three different options for fragrance options compared to Joy Organics’ standalone product. 

Value goes to PureKana on first blush until you notice the potency question (these two metrics can easily be linked), which Joy Organics blows PureKana out of the water on for not a ton more money. So for potency and value, we give it to Joy Organics.

This was a matchup between brands with competing visions for balms/salves, but we have to stick to the facts and give this one to Joy Organics! 

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