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There is no more natural fit than CBD extract and a bath bomb. One could be sure that anyone reading the words “CBD bath bombs” is already thinking about taking the night off and going for a nice warm bath infused with CBD and the pleasant, nourishing aromas of lavender or coconut (or some combination thereof). It’s the least one could do for their body in this day and age of zooms, working from home, and all the other adjustments many of us have had to make in the “after times,” meaning the new stressors of a post-pandemic world. 

But if any brands have the right idea about CBD in the “after times,” at least Joy Organics and PureKana seem to. Bath bomb organic ingredients tend to include coconut oil, almond oil, or any variation of essential oils. When these nourishing compounds combine with CBD products, the body reaps the benefits; skin is moisturized, joints get some reprieve, and the body’s sore muscles enjoy a solid few moments of relaxation. 

Joy Organics has produced a four-pack of bath bombs with terrific ingredients and fantastic value. In contrast, PureKana has developed five different CBD bomb aromatics infused with the most delicious scents. So throw out your Epsom salts and see how these two brands compare.  

Product overview

Joy Organics Bath Bomb

Joy Organics blissful bath bombs come with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Thanks to the natural aromatics of lavender and coconut, these bath bombs are not made of synthetic fragrances and perfumes. With 4 coming in a box, and a certificate of analysis is available directly via Joy Organics’ product page. 

PureKana Bath Bomb

PureKana’s bath bombs come in an assortment of “aromas,” like cucumber, eucalyptus, and even activated charcoal. These are large bath bombs that boast a whopping 100 mg of CBD – and with an essential oil base, these bath bombs are pretty hard to beat. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via PureKana’s product pages.

How They Stack Up 

CBD Potency

Joy Organics Bath Bombs contain 25 mg of CBD in each bomb. 

PureKana Bath Bombs contain 100 mg of CBD in each bomb. 


Joy Organics Bath Bombs are priced at $19.95 for a four-pack of 3 oz bath bombs. 

PureKana Bath Bombs will run you $12.00-$13.00 for a 7 oz bath bomb. 

Fragrance Options

Joy Organics Bath Bombs come in naturally fragrant bombs via coconut and lavender oils infusions.

PureKana Bath Bombs come in 5 different “flavors” or aromas, like activated charcoal, cucumber, midnight rose, almond and coconut, and eucalyptus. 

Supporting Ingredients

Joy Organics Bath Bombs contain supporting ingredients like organic coconut oil, lavender oil, and organic cocoa seed butter. 

PureKana Bath Bombs contain shea butter, sunflower oil, and coconut oil in their incarnations and add respective oils for all of its “flavors,” like rose oil for rose, eucalyptus oil for eucalyptus, etc. 

CBD Extract Profile

Joy Organics Bath Bombs utilize broad-spectrum CBD extract, maintaining all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes without any THC. 

PureKana Bath Bombs contain CBD isolate, free of all cannabinoids and terpenes, giving you a straight dose of CBD. 

Our Take

There is a specific accounting for taste when comparing bath bombs; we all have our likes and dislikes. While some may not like the lack of fragrance options with Joy Organics, others may be unimpressed with PureKana’s use of CBD isolate. Bath bombs ride the fine line between mere bathtime novelty and multi-purpose therapeutic. So while this more niche CBD product may be hard to get a true sense of quality, we do our best here on this blog to give you just the facts. So how do Joy Organics and PureKana compare on this front? 

First off, the potency question is something that PureKana runs laps around Joy Organics with; at 100 mg of CBD oil in its bath bombs, PureKana is offering bombs that are quadruple the CBD potency of Joy Organics. So we are giving this metric to PureKana, as you might expect.

Value is more of a mixed bag for both brands. While Joy Organics gives you terrific value at four bombs for $19.95, one would need these four bombs combined to make up the CBD potency found in PureKana’s bombs. On the flipside, PureKana’s potency issue matters less once you realize it is around $13 for a one-time experience of 100 mg of CBD. So, who wins here? It is unclear and more of a wash, so that’s how we will leave it. 

Fragrance options are far more numerous with PureKana’s CBD bath bombs, coming in charcoal, eucalyptus, midnight rose, cucumber, and almond. Though Joy Organics uses essential oils to give it naturally, pleasant aromas are undoubtedly a plus for many, options are always better, and PureKana wins this. 

The issue of supporting ingredients is a slight winner for Joy Organics, as they utilize organically sourced botanicals for much of their aromatics. And lastly, CBD extract, an essential distinction between the two brands, is a winner for Joy Organics. They utilize broad-spectrum CBD extract, maintaining the benefits of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effect. PureKana uses CBD isolate.

We have to be fair and call this a draw between the two brands with such a neck and neck contest. 

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