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Part of our responsibility at PureKana is making sure you are fully educated about developments within the cannabis industry.

For example, CBG, one of the more mysterious cannabinoids on the market, is a compound responsible for birthing some of the more famous cannabinoids you have likely already heard of.

In addition, CBGa is the mother of all cannabinoids, as its breakdown process gives birth to CBD and THC, substances you may have heard of before. 

CBG, on its own, however, is a different ballgame, and as the world slowly learns about this compound, we only start to ask more questions. Among these are the psychoactive elements of CBG: will it get me high? 

Remember, hemp is legal throughout 50 states, but that does not mean that we as a society have learned everything there is about the many, many intricacies of the cannabis plant.

The little we do know will be the subject of today’s blog and let you adjust your expectations for what CBG will do once you ingest it. 

Today, CBG is available in limited quantities from online hemp enterprises and may only increase in popularity and online prevalence as the days go by.

In that sense, you may be able to try out this mysterious compound for yourself. For now, we will give you a brief overview of CBG. Read on for more information. 

What is CBG?

Ah, another acronym. Okay, spelled out, we have Cannabigerol (CBG). CBG is a bit of a powerhouse.

Indeed, it is the reason CBD and THC exist at all since chemical processes heat up and break down CBG into other compounds and components, among them CBD and THC.

Without CBG, we would not even be speaking about the legalization of cannabis because without CBG; cannabis would be another green weed growing in someone’s backyard. 

CBG is not psychoactive. It has similarities to more well-known cannabinoids like CBD and THC because it does a lot of the same things it does, but it does stand out in a few key ways.

CBG is beneficial for digestive health, optical health and, perhaps most promisingly, has been shown to have some antibacterial activity in certain studies. 

How Does CBG Make You Feel? 

CBG, in a way, is a lot like CBD, in the sense that anyway, it is supposed to make you feel it is a little bit too subtle, gradual, and cumulative to notice off the bat. Because of this, the short answer is that it will not make you feel much.

THC has fooled many people worldwide into thinking that anything derived from the cannabis plant is bound to do *something*, anything really, that would alter our way of thinking and behaving the way THC does.

Unfortunately, this myth persists now, but the question of what any cannabinoid can do to our system is nonetheless a valid and understandable question. 

Is CBG Safe?

CBG is at least as safe as other cannabinoids like CBD. However, we caution that we are only at the spearpoint of understanding cannabinoids, particularly slightly more obscure ones like this one.

You can expect to consume CBG the same way you would consume any cannabinoid like THC or CBD.

It can be smoked or vaped, but it can also be ingested as an edible or absorbed into the bloodstream the way you do with a sublingual tincture. 

So far, CBG is available alongside CBD in tinctures and sprays, so watch this space for more developments on the production front. 

What Does CBG Help With? 

What Does CBG do for you?

The digestive system is a target of CBGs – and some animal studies demonstrate this. For example, mice with inflamed bowels saw significant relief after the administration of CBG. 

CBG facts like this hint at digestive health solutions, but it is hard to know for sure with such a complex set of moving parts.

The eyes benefit a little from CBG as well. Glaucoma is a debilitating and uncomfortable condition caused by weakening fluid ducts in the eyes and is a leading cause of blindness in the United States.

What is considered the root cause? Again, inflammation. Are you noticing a pattern?  One study found that optic nerves in the eye that are subject to inflammation could benefit from the administration of CBG. 

Our Take

We will not fully understand CBG with just a blog, but we can get a little closer. We do not have a CBG product on the PureKana roster, but this is subject to change soon.

There is no doubt that we stand to learn a lot more about CBN the way we learned a lot about CBD as its popularity grew. Stay tuned! 


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