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One of the most frustrating things for anyone working a 9 to 5 is constraints of time, where priorities become ranked in order of importance, some of them falling by the wayside.

But, over time, we begin to realize the limits of this kind of life; there are not enough hours in the day. 

That being said, commitment to a healthier lifestyle also means a commitment to overcoming obstacles.

Unfortunately, until work culture revisits the 9 to 5 model, old-fashioned as it may be, it is where we are stuck for now. So let’s make the most of it by following some tips to stay in shape.  

1. Pick a Schedule And Stick To It

Blocking off time to work out takes some creative compromises. An earlier wake-up time, a commitment to the gym after a long day’s work, or an altered lunch break.

Whatever the easiest solution is for you, pick a time and stick to it. This creates a cycle of accountability and, often, can be a hallmark of a successful day.

Checking all the boxes leaves your head cleared, body satisfied, and endorphins shackle-free.

2. Have a Goal In Mind

Merely going through the motions for an hour every day may keep you treading water.

Still, the returns will lessen over time, and your body composition and overall health will have gone nowhere, creating exhaustion and perceptions that keeping in shape is not worth it.

Set achievable goals to keep the gym relevant; this will require updates to your workout routine, tools to measure your progress, and a focus on something you want to improve.

Getting a better mile run-time, reducing your waist-size/pants size, or hitting a record maximum bench press are some examples of ways to do this.

This can rid you of the boredom of “routine” and allow the gym to feel like a hobby instead of a chore. 

3. Overextending Can Backfire

By this, we mean many things. Fad diets, crash diets, or any diet where entire food groups are missing, may not be the best idea for you if you are used to eating a variety of food groups.

Going vegan or vegetarian, while an entirely different (and legitimate) form of dieting, should be a gradual process, allowing the body to adapt, lessening the risk of lethargy or disruption to the body’s daily rhythm.

Similarly, plunging neck deep into a Crossfit routine or daily HIIT workouts may not be the best option, especially if you have been off the wagon for a while and are not getting personalized training from a professional.

To prevent setbacks, have an attitude of graduality. 

4. Skipping breakfast is a bad idea

Your mom told you, Sesame Street told you, and your pediatrician told you. Skipping breakfast is simply bad for you.

It leads to an increased risk of health issues like diabetes and irregular blood sugar spikes, and crashes throughout the day.

It is a bad idea even as a weight-loss strategy; even if you shave off some pounds, you also get an elevated risk of high cholesterol levels.

Breakfast does not require you to be a chef or a nutritionist; get some healthy carbohydrates, perhaps whole grains, and sneak your daily fruit needs into the mix. 

5. Using CBD as a tool for maximum recovery

Cannabinoids have been used as a therapeutic as far back as ancient Mesopotamia.

The ancient Greeks even inhaled the smoke recreationally and for pain management.

The human race has long known that cannabinoids have a role in alleviating an assortment of daily ills.

Today, CBD reigns in the wellness industry thanks to its versatility and benefits for busy lifestyles. No matter your age, proper recovery from strenuous exercise, particularly if your 9 to 5 has moments of high pressure and stress, is essential.

The body needs time to unwind and heal from the day’s wear and tear, and having a CBD product on deck can make this a far more streamlined habit.

PureKana’s nighttime CBD gummies are but one way to accomplish this.

By encouraging homeostasis in the body and acting as a firewall against inflammation and stress, CBD can be integral to a busy, highly managed day full of work and grind. 

6. Establish Rules for Junk Food, Alcohol, and Soda

At PureKana, we do not believe that good health means robbing yourself of frivolous pleasures; we think they require some guardrails. Fast food should be as limited as humanly possible.

Cheat day once a week? Or even better: how about a cheat day once a month? Soda? 1 can a week. Alcohol?

Keep it to once a week, stopping after three drinks and avoiding sweet mixers.

Sure, these are just examples and not a size-fits-all recommendation. But by establishing control over cravings, you begin to learn the benefits of moderation and dietary discipline.

These boundaries help encourage consistently healthy habits and make the reward of indulgence that much more pleasurable.

7. Do Not Skimp on Sleep

This is a big one. Sleep is responsible for keeping so many of the body’s processes in check.

Your immune system suffers without adequate sleep; motor skills deteriorate if you run too high of a sleep deficit, fitness gains are hampered, and even the most superficial things like skin, hair, and libido decline without it as well.

Having a 9-5 schedule is already stressful enough, do not make it worse by not getting the allotted 7-9 hours of sleep that experts recommend!

Commit to being in bed at the same time every night, and avoid the oppressive glare of smartphone screens and TV in the hour leading up to it.

Burning the candle at both ends may feel like an efficient use of the day’s hours at first, but the damage you do to your health is not worth it. 

8. Daily Habits Add Up – For Better or Worse

Many of our habits stay with us for a long time, and some of these habits are very good indeed.

Daily meditation, for example, has been shown to keep the worst effects of anxiety at bay. Militant brushing and flossing prevent cavities and gum disease.

Other habits, though, like daily sugar-infused iced coffee to ward off an afternoon crash, lazy fast food runs during lunch hour, or going most of the day without food only to binge an hour before bed.

These bad habits accumulate over time, making efforts to maintain healthy body composition evermore out of reach.

If the 9-5 lifestyle is not your ideal, make sure to substitute the worst of these ills with better habits–bringing lunch instead of pulling out your wallet, drinking coffee with plant-based milk and sugar-free syrup, and frequently standing up if you work in a primarily sedentary office environment.

9. Water, water, water

Last but not least, water. It’s the lifeblood of a healthy body, and without it, you are looking at a whole other host of issues.

Do you need to be drinking a gallon of water every day like Mr. or Ms. Olympia? Well, no! Every situation is different.

Different bodies need less water to feel hydrated, some need more, but the common denominator is the same – water keeps the organs functioning properly, energy levels balanced, skin hydrated, the digestive system in check, and your immune system happy.

Hydration is vital with such a rigid schedule, especially if you live in a dry climate. Often, you don’t even realize how dehydrated you are, and even worse, one can often mistake thirst for hunger.

So drink up and always have a water bottle on deck like a security blanket. 

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