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You would be surprised how easy it is to forget that CBD has a strong fanbase of consumers who primarily like to use CBD as a topical remedy.

The benefits of CBD-infused lotion span from your classic moisturizing and healing fare to even combating pain and discomfort. Raw, itchy skin could quickly get a boost from CBD as well, and with the help of ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils – you will have the ultimate CBD topical cream at your fingertips.

Yes, you read that right – making a homemade hemp lotion is easier than you may have thought. In today’s blog, you will learn how to make CBD lotion, as well as a cream and a salve, depending on your preference for consistency and ingredients. 

We at PureKana have our topical remedies, but in the interest of making it easier for you to concoct your own homemade, daily use topical – we encourage you to utilize our high potency oils in the following recipes. Trust us; you will not be disappointed. 

1. CBD Cream Recipe

For a straight-up, pleasant CBD cream, you will need the following ingredients: coconut oil, preferably virgin since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, along with magnesium oil, CBD Oil (of course), menthol, and shea butter.

Coconut oil is essential, with its highly effective moisturizing skills and reputation as a compound as a jack of all trades. Shea butter is also a highly effective moisturizer and even helps keep your skin clean and clear.

Magnesium oil is quite good as a “carrier” in topicals, also functions well for nerves, and has no problem absorbing transdermally.

For soothing and fragrant sessions, you will want to include essential oil drops from peppermint and/or camphor. Lastly, menthol (as you probably already know) is a pain-relieving powerhouse. 

2. CBD Cream Ingredient Measurements

To get started, measure out 4oz of the coconut oil and shea butter oil, four tablespoons of magnesium, about ten drops of each of your essential oils, and about 25 mg of your PureKana CBD oil 

3. CBD Cream Instructions

Use a double boiler or heat-proof saucepan and heat the coconut oil and shea butter with simmering water, and turn off the heat upon putting them both together. Mix in magnesium oil and wait for the mixture to cool before adding essential oils and CBD oil. 

4. CBD Lotion Recipe

You will have 4-5 ingredients to make CBD lotion, differing from CBD cream in both its consistency and technique. This includes an oil base like almond, coconut, or jojoba, mineral water, beeswax, CBD oil, and essential oils for fragrance.

5. CBD Lotion Ingredient Measurements

For CBD lotion, a slightly less thick consistency than CBD cream, you will have the following ingredient measurements: ¼ cup of your oil base, ¾ cup of mineral water, ¾ oz of beeswax, one fl oz of CBD Oil from Purekana, and if you prefer, essential oils of your choosing. 

6. CBD Lotion Instructions

Melt wax in the bowl and mix with CBD oil using a double boiler. If you wish to use essential oils, add some drops after removing the mixture from the heat.

Keep note of the mix as you stir, remembering to add water to adjust the consistency if you prefer something lighter. After finishing, seal in a mason jar and enjoy! 

7. CBD Salve Recipe

You get an even simpler ingredient list for a salve, the thickest of the three recipes. You only need coconut or jojoba oil as your base, some beeswax, your CBD oil, and some essential oils for fragrance and atmosphere. 

8. CBD Salve Ingredient Measurements

You will want 1 cup of your oil base, 1 oz of beeswax, one fl oz of your CBD oil by PureKana, and a nice helping of essential oils of your choosing should you choose to go a more fragrant route. 

9. CBD Salve Instructions

Using a double boiler, warm up the beeswax at medium to low heat, stirring until the mixture is even throughout. Add your 1 oz CBD oil, and be sure to mix well. As the mixture cools down, it will get thicker and thicker.

So you want to remember to store it well immediately after completing the mix, so it does not harden into an unusable block. 

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