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While CBD and THC have recently skyrocketed in popularity, they only represent 2 of 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. 

Today we focus on one of the most well-known minor cannabinoids: THCV. This cannabinoid is gaining the spotlight due to its energizing qualities and potential to target obesity. But how do you know what to look for or avoid when buying this cannabinoid?

With limited evidence, it can be challenging to know what to look for in THCV products.

Like CBD, THCV comes in various forms, meaning the form most suited for you will likely depend on your reasons for using THCV. 

Whether you are a THCV veteran or have never even heard of it, we are here to help you choose the best THCV edibles for you. 

THCV: What we Know

THCV is a cannabinoid first discovered in the early 1970s and is relatively common in cannabis plants, albeit in small amounts.

Though it is not as popular or understood as CBD and THC, research is underway to discover its purported appetite-curbing and energy-boosting properties.

We know that by interacting with the brain differently than the other popular Cannabinoids, THCV can produce effects that differ from those we are used to when smoking the usual TCH-rich strains.  

While it is not as cerebral and psychoactive as THC, the medical benefits are in the testing process to aid patients suffering from various health conditions.

THCV: Benefits 

Although more research is needed, early studies indicate that THCV is bound to etch out its own unique identity in a cannabis landscape that appears to grow every day.

According to a 2020 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, “The main advantage of THCV over THC is the lack of psychoactive effects.

In rodent studies, THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism, making it a clinically useful remedy for weight loss and managing obesity and type 2 diabetic patients.” 

The study says: “the uniquely diverse properties of THCV provide neuroprotection, appetite suppression, glycemic control, and reduced side effects, etc.; therefore, making it a potential priority candidate for developing clinically useful therapies in the future.

Hopefully, THCV could provide an optional platform for treating life-threatening diseases.”

THCV Edibles: What to Look For

As you may have already noticed, there is a widening variety of THCV products, ranging from oils to pre-rolls and vapes to gummies.

Since taking a particular THCV product is a highly personal experience, all these different products must exist.

This guide will focus on edibles.

If you do a quick google search for “where can I buy THCV” or “how to get THCV,” it yields almost a million results?

How do you navigate these products? What should you keep an eye out for?


THCV products come in different concentrations, with some containing higher amounts of THCV than others, meaning there is something for everyone.

There is no one-size-fits-all THCV dosage because everybody is different and reacts differently to THCV. If you are new to cannabis products, the general rule is to start with a low dose, gradually increasing it until desired effects (low and slow).

The key is to monitor how specific doses of THCV affect your body, which will give you more information on how to adjust your dosage in the future.

Regarding dosage adjustment, edibles make it easy to tailor the serving to your particular needs and identify the minimum adequate supply.

Then, once you know the right THCV strength, you can switch to other available products in the concentration you need or purchase THCV products with higher potency.

Product Type

THCV comes in many forms, from THCV tinctures to THCV energy gummies, and as THCV gains momentum in the cannabis marketplace, more will inevitably follow.

Like CBD edibles, THCV edibles come in gummies, mints, and sublingual. The body processes them the same way as capsules, which means the effects may be delayed, but they will also last longer since the THCV is released gradually into the bloodstream.


Next, check the product’s third-party lab report and ensure it is for the current batch. PureKana provides all independent lab test results on every product page of their website.

Ensure that the amount of THCV (or whichever cannabinoid you buy) and the product’s total weight are shown. These reports provide the information to ensure your THCV product is safely and accurately dosed. 

With so many cannabinoids coming to market and offering unique benefits, it is essential to research and ensure that whatever you purchase is tested by a third-party lab and safe for consumption.

THCV: Warning Signs

As with most wellness supplements found online, it is crucial to verify the manufacturer’s reliability, especially in the widely unregulated cannabis market.

Nearly all trustworthy products will be listed alongside their lab testing reports, making them safe to use. 

In addition to this, checking the ingredients of each product is equally important. This can help you avoid THCV production containing something you may be allergic to or something that does not agree with your specific condition.

But, again, this is why it is recommended that you consult your doctor before trying any cannabis products.

The Bottom Line

Today, the cannabis industry is enormous; wherever you turn, you will encounter different products. The huge demand and size of the market have resulted in a great assortment of THCV products, providing consumers with a massive range of choices.

Since taking a particular THCV product is a highly personal experience, all these different products must exist.

Whatever your ailment, there is a THCV product that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Hopefully, this guide will help you buy THCV with confidence.

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