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Sleep habits, particularly in current times, have an ebb and flow. You will not always get a rock-solid 8 hours of sleep every night.

But what if you could make your sleeping habits more consistent and healthy? What would that look like, lifestyle-wise? What would that feel like for you? 

We have room to grow in America when it comes to sleep. We are under-rested, overtired, and inconsistent with our sleep habits.

Finding a sweet spot is elusive, and our culture often promotes the idea of burning the candle at both ends as a badge of honor.

Far from being a signal of resolve and grit, not getting enough sleep is a dangerous, unhealthy form of deprivation that harms your immune system, compromises your body composition, and puts extra strain on your brain and heart.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone secreted from the pineal gland at nighttime hours. It regulates the body’s biorhythms and sleep cycles – and when supplemented, it can be highly effective in modulating the body’s sleep cycle. 

Combined with a relaxing health tonic like CBD, these chemicals can burnish each other’s strengths and provide a guilt-free remedy to fix your flagging rest schedule. 

What Makes CBD & Melatonin So Efficient for Relaxation and Sleep

Think about the lifestyle of every American adult today: screens, screens in the morning, at work, and nighttime.

Sleep therapists are often frustrated with patients who do not try and “power off” their screens at least an hour before bedtime to maximize the chance of the body’s natural reactions to dimming lights ushering us into better sleeping habits. 

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant and, as such, has a multitude of uses.

Though CBD is non-psychoactive, and its positive effects on the brain and body remain something of a mystery to researchers, CBD’s popularity as a mood tonic is quite established at this point. 

CBD acts on the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, which handle biological processes like immunity, energy, pain management, the nervous system, and sleep.

Because CBD modulates pain, discomfort, and anxiety, this compound goes a long way toward putting the body and mind in balance.

In addition, many users report a calmness and cleared head when taking CBD, encouraging “sleep hygiene” via the wind-down effect. 

On the other hand, melatonin is a chemical the body already recognizes as its own, secreted by the pineal gland.

It is slowly activated once the body senses a darkness in its surroundings, gradually lulling the body into a more relaxed state and preparing it for rest. 

CBD alone may not get you to a place where you are engaging in better sleep hygiene (although it is undoubtedly a good start). Melatonin may make you drowsy enough to lie down, but these compounds work best together at the end of the day.

Where melatonin fails, it is due to individuals quickly building up a tolerance to it; CBD falls because it simply does not have enough of a marked “drowsy” factor. But together, they complement each other’s effects and put you on a path to better habits. 

CBD and Melatonin Are Antioxidants

The expressive power of CBD and Melatonin rests in their versatility and their “interconnectedness” with so many of the body’s processes.

This extends to their antioxidant capacity as well. CBD has antioxidant elements that help repair tissue damage. CBD’s potential is realized in oxidizing free radicals, keeping the muscles supple and warm, and keeping skin clear and healthy.

Melatonin also has a long legacy of being a potent antioxidant, with stimulant effects on hair follicle hormones and skin-growth receptors, repairing damaged cells from the sun, and, yes, poor sleep habits. 

Melatonin and CBD both act on the body’s immune system as well. The CB1 receptor mentioned earlier is located in the body’s gut, where much of our immune system is.

This is CBD’s wheelhouse – interacting with this environment is what it does best. It helps shore up the body’s immune response. 

Melatonin also interacts with our immune system by promoting white blood cell activity, particularly T-cells, the body’s foremost warriors against viral infection. 

What Better Sleep Means For You

What can better sleep habits, fewer screens, more quality sleep, and a refreshed morning ritual do for you?

If you have a busy lifestyle, higher quality sleep will improve your stress response on virtually every level. So what causes short temper, burnout, and brain fog? Lack of quality rest!

By merely enhancing your sleep quality, you are already going quite a long way in improving your ability to cope with life’s stressors, thereby making life that much easier.

You also stand to get sick less; perhaps the most overlooked detail about getting quality sleep is how much it can do for the body’s immune system.

So much of our body’s healing, growth, and “resetting” happens during the hours of deep sleep, so anything that helps promote that is good news.

When our immune systems are in overdrive, keeping ourselves healthy and functional is more important than ever.

What about simply looking better? There is nothing worse for skin (except perhaps ultraviolet rays or cigarettes!) than poor sleep.

A way to guarantee that aging happens quickly is skimping on sleep when the body needs it most. Sleeping the proper amount will alleviate the worst effects of physical aging; joints, muscles, and bones depend on good sleep to maintain themselves. 

Sleep Gummies You Should Look Into Now

It’s never the wrong time to try improving your sleep hygiene. Once you have set yourself up for success, it’s good to look into CBD and melatonin as compounds that can help you achieve efficient, healthy, consistent nights of quality sleep. 

Things to remember: screens are bad! Power them off a solid 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Do not watch TV in bed, and do not use the bed as a “hang out” spot.

Suppose you have committed yourself to these rules. In that case, you’re ready to check out PureKana’s sleep gummies, tasty melatonin CBD sleep aid powered by CBD, CBN, melatonin, ashwagandha, hops, and chamomile for a nighttime onset of pleasantry that you can count on.

Start with one gummy and progress as you learn about your body’s rhythms and preferences. 


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