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CBD topical creams have brought relief to many – and in doing so, have launched a variety of different versions of themselves. There are soothing, moisturizing CBD topicals for water-based pain, some oil-based ointments, others still with added cannabinoids, some based with isolates, and others with herbal remedies. PureKana has its formidable line of topical CBD remedies, from lip balms to menthol ointments – and the CBD + CBG pain relief ointment, in particular, was designed to be a top-notch CBD topical for pain relief. 

PureKana is hardly alone. Dr. Kerklaan, another early brand pioneer for CBD, has developed its own CBD lotions for pain. His natural CBD relief lotion is a terrific CBD-based product and welcome addition to the market for regular relief lotions. With PureKana and Dr. Kerklaan therapeutics standing their own for CBD fans nationwide, we thought we’d put these two great products against each other to see the best option for the consumer. 

Product overview

Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream

Dr. Kerklaan’s CBD relief cream is a full spectrum product for targeted, quick relief. With essential oils and herbal remedies serving as structural support for this CBD product, it takes a completely natural approach, using water as its base for a non-greasy, smooth and supple feel on the skin. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Relief Ointment

PureKana created a novel version of your usual CBD topical cream, going for an ointment instead of the typical water-based cream you are likely to find anywhere. In doing so, they have created a broad-spectrum, oil-based product that makes a gamble on CBG, a lesser-known cannabinoid that is currently making its way into the CBD/wellness market. 

How They Stack Up 

Ingredient Profile

Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream is water-based and employs an array of herbs and essential oils to back up its full-spectrum dose of CBD. These ingredients include shea butter, eucalyptus, lavender, Peppermint, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. The usual preservatives and fillers are used to keep the product fresh. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Ointment takes an oil-based approach, developing a product designed to relieve you as a targeted ointment, with menthol and capsaicin serving as analgesics. This CBD product is broad-spectrum and uses shea butter and organic coconut oil for an added smooth moisturizing finish. The usual topical preservatives and emulsifiers are used. 

Cannabinoid and Extract Profile

Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream uses full-spectrum CBD from high-quality USA-grown hemp, guaranteeing you a CBD product with all its natural cannabinoids and terpenes included. In addition, its product page provides a valid Certificate of Analysis for users to verify the quality and quantity of what they get. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Ointment uses broad-spectrum CBD alongside fairly obscure cannabinoid CBG (120 mg to be exact) to give an enhanced anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, Broad-spectrum rids the risk of any THC coming into the mix, and PureKana provides a Certificate of Analysis for quality assurance. 


Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream Comes in 1 or 2 oz sizes, and with  6 mg of CBD for every 2 ml, you are paying about $2.68 for every serving of CBD in its 1 oz form and $2.26 for its 2 oz, with an overall price between $39.99 and $68.00 respectively. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Ointment comes in only one size at 3.4 oz, and with a total of 600 mg of CBD in this size, you are paying about $1.70 for each serving of CBD. 


Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream uses nanoparticulate extract technology to provide users with the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids for maximum effectiveness. In addition, Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender are added botanical ingredients to provide relief and soothe skin, though these are often used in topical applications of all kinds. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Ointment uses a pump system for ease of delivery and proven analgesics like menthol and capsaicin for supplementary pain relief. This is an oil-based ointment, which PureKana has formulated not to be a greasy topical. 


Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Relief Cream does not explicitly point out what it is effective for, other than claiming it is a “relief cream.” Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavender are soothing botanicals, and CBD itself is also effective for several topical issues. However, without clarity on how each ingredient helps with a specific need for relief, it is hard to assess the potential effectiveness of this product. 

PureKana’s CBD + CBG Pain Ointment uses specific ingredients for quick relief from aches and pains associated with joints and daily wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system. This includes CBD, of course, CBG, capsaicin, and menthol. Added phytochemical extracts and oils help make this a moisturizing therapy as well. This is a multi-purpose relief ointment. 

Our Take

Both Dr. Kerklaan and PureKana have developed high-quality, well-designed topical CBD products to give consumers a healthy, fortifying way to deal with their joint and muscle issues. However, each brand took a different approach. Dr. Kerklaan opted for a “less-is-more” approach, giving the multiple consumer sizes, a water base, and a non-harsh list of botanicals to supplement the full-spectrum CBD. PureKana went with an oil-based ointment, high-grade menthol, capsaicin, and gambling on a new cannabinoid extract like CBG to supplement the CBD. 

We’re giving the edge to PureKana for this round. With a healthy supply of CBD, CBG, and healthy botanicals at a preferable price point, you are getting a more well-rounded product than Dr. Kerklaan’s take on CBD topical lotions.

However, this does not mean that Dr. Kerklaan is not a worthy product itself; in fact, it is ideal for casual users. The price point points to a high level of brand loyalty, and Dr. Kerklaan’s reviews are strong. 

But overall, the innovation and technology used to create PureKana’s ointment have gone a long way, and for active, dedicated users, you can’t ask for better. 

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