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Nothing could be more timely for today’s pandemic-ridden, epidemiologically freaked-out modern times than the concept of the human immune system. We are imperfect creatures with only our health, genetics, and nutrient-rich foods to rely on. At PureKana, we understand that we are in unprecedented times. With coronaviruses, mutating variants, and flu season on top of it all, we need every resource available to keep our bodies healthy and safe.

That’s where CBD and immune function come in. Premier brand Charlotte’s Web knows this just as well as PureKana realizes it. So both brands have developed CBD gummies infused with immune-system invigorating herbs and vitamins alongside hefty doses of CBD. CBD interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors in the immune system, which may stimulate the body’s immune response and keep it functioning at a high level during times of stress. Below, we will compare these great products and let you know at the end which we prefer.  

Product overview

Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies

Charlotte’s Web has developed a 60 count immune-boosting formula with 10 mg of CBD alongside herbs like astragalus and nutritional support via vitamins C and D. Using natural ingredients and full-spectrum extracts, Charlotte’s Web continues its strict quality control for all its cannabinoid-based products, with Certificates of Analysis available by lot number, searchable on the website. 

PureKana Immune Boost Gummies

PureKana maintains its streak of terrific CBD gummies with an Immune Boost formula, packed with broad-spectrum CBD extract sourced from USA-grown hemp. Several herbs like elderberry power up this gummy and the immune-boosting mineral zinc. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via the product page. 

How They Stack Up 

CBD Oil Purity and Extract Type

Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies contain full-spectrum hemp extract, with all phytocannabinoids for enhanced effects.

PureKana CBD Immune Boost Gummies contain a broad-spectrum extract of CBD, with all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes present except for THC. 


Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies contain 20 mg of hemp extract with all phytocannabinoids presenting at least a 50% standardization, meaning at least 10 mg of phytocannabinoids are active ingredients like CBD or other phytocannabinoids. Unfortunately, we cannot discern how much CBD is in a serving, though it claims 10 mg per serving on the product page.

PureKana CBD Immune Boost contains an impressive 25 mg of CBD per gummy, with all beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids except THC. 


Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies are priced at $44.99 for 60 gummies for 30 servings. This means a price of $1.49 per serving. 

PureKana CBD Immune Boost comes in only one size, at 60 gummies for $89.99, making each 25 mg gummy come in around $1.49 each.


Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies come in only one size, 60 gummies at 2 per serving for a month’s worth of CBD immune boosting. 

PureKana CBD Immune Boost also comes in only one size, 60 gummies, and 1 per serving for 2 months. 

Ingredient Quality

Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies boast terrific ingredients, with natural lemon flavor, sourced from USA grade hemp and without artificial preservatives. In addition, Astragalus, an immune-boosting herb, is present here and is immune powering Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. 

PureKana CBD Immune Boost also boasts excellent ingredients, all 100% vegan and made with natural flavors for that orange taste. You get oregano, black oil, elderberry, and zinc sulfate for an immune-boosting blend. 

Our Take

Immune boosting CBD should be an integral part of any wellness regimen, especially for those who have jobs that put us at risk or those of us with health concerns that make our immune systems especially vulnerable. In this case, it is hard to make a wrong choice with either Charlotte’s Web Immune gummies or PureKana’s Immune Boost gummy formula. Both have a tailor-made framework and procedure to boost the immune system, but as always, the devil is in the details. 

When it comes to CBD extracts, there is one big difference between these two immune-boosters; PureKana Gummies use broad-spectrum, meaning THC is out of the picture, while Charlotte’s Web Gummies use full-spectrum. Nevertheless, both are good ways to boost your immune system, and neither gains an edge here. 

The clear winner is PureKana, with a comparatively generous 25 mg dose of CBD per gummy compared to just 10 mg per *two* gummies with Charlotte’s Web CBD when it comes to dosing strength and CBD concentrations in gummies. 

Value is a tie, as both brands have the same price for their respective immune-boosting products when adjusted for supply.

Ah yes, supply; again, PureKana gains an edge here with a two months supply and much higher CBD doses in their supply. While Charlotte’s Web may want to appeal to beginners and new users, 10 mg is on the lower side regardless. 

Lastly, ingredient quality. Both brands have strict quality standards, and their Certificates of Analysis are always accessible either via product page or with a lot number. The herbal selections of elderberry and oregano for PureKana are excellent choices as immune boosters, and so are astragalus and Vitamins D and C for Charlotte’s Web. Neither gain an edge here.

We will give this razor-thin contest to PureKana, though this does not mean that we are discrediting the effectiveness of Charlotte’s Web’s immune booster; we think that dosing and supply help PureKana get a slight edge overall. 

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