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CBN may be pretty new and still in the shadows of its very popular cannabinoid sibling CBD, but its rising popularity has more or less allowed us to gauge proper dosing for this novel compound.

Like CBD, CBN is a non-psychoactive, non-habit forming, and not easily “overdosed” compound, rendering it a safe wellness product to meet your needs in multiple categories. 

Dosing your CBN will differ depending on your method of use, the purpose of use, the time of day, and doses vary anywhere from 4 mg to 70 mg in 1 dose. Next, we will get into the specifics. 

And make no mistake, CBN has the potential to improve your life in multiple categories.

Moreover, the studies are promising as of this writing; for starters, CBN has shown antibacterial properties in certain studies, showing resistance to nasty bacterial infections like MRSA. 

What else? Like CBD, CBN has shown potential for reducing inflammation-reducing arthritis pain in rodents in one study.

CBN has shown strong neuroprotectant potential, delaying ALS onset in another rodent study.  

Appetite stimulation? CBN has shown promise in this category, increasing the volume and frequency of eating in yet another rodent study. 

Even glaucoma gets attention in certain CBN studies, with demonstrative alleviance of ocular pressure in rabbits.

This surprising finding will warrant close observation and multiple additional studies and trials to ferret out the untapped potential of this unique compound. 

So far, the real prize has been CBN’s success at peacefully, pleasantly lulling its dedicated fans to sleep. Read on to find out the recommended dosing regimen for you. 

Dosing For Nighttime/Sleep

Suppose you ever felt restless as nighttime approaches. In that case, whether it’s (literal) restlessness in the body in the form of restless legs or an overactive brain spending countless moments ruminating on things it cannot solve in the near term, CBN may be here to help. 

PureKana’s CBD/CBN sleep gummies start you with 5 mg of CBN, and we believe this is the best route to take when approaching this novel compound to assess tolerance.

Still, you can start at 2 mg the first week and see how you do. Double the dose if you feel like you need to sleep like a rock – especially on the days where there is no alarm clock required, ensuring zero interruptions for your beauty rest. 

We also cannot forget PureKana’s CBD/CBN tincture for sleep, an optimal product that assimilates quickly within the bloodstream thanks to an effective sublingual method. 


Week 1 2 mg 45 minutes before bed
Week 2 5 mg 45 minutes before bed
Week 3 10 mg 45 minutes before bed


Dosing For Daytime Use

In your CBN product’s absence of Melatonin, Hops, Chamomile, or Valerian, daytime use is unproblematic and simplistic but encouraged!

This is particularly true if you are stacking CBN with another cannabinoid like CBD; stress relief and pain management are cornerstones of any successful day.

Starting your day with a full dropper of CBN/CBD oil is a great way to conquer the day’s goals. 

You can go as high as 70 mg of CBN in one dose. You can change it up depending on body composition and type; tinctures are taken sublingually, optimizing absorption.

Gummies, capsules, and soft gels will require different methods of consumption. Give them about an hour to fully absorb and double up if necessary. 

Week 1 10 mg/day
Week 2 20 mg/day
Week 3 30mg/day


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