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To get a good night’s rest, one sometimes needs reinforcements and tried and true compounds and remedies to help you get there. Now that CBD has become associated with anti-insomnia and anti-anxiety, it is a no-brainer that it would be the active ingredient in many effective sleep aids. CBD for sleep, however, is not as simple as it gets. How much CBD for sleep, one could ask. What about the correct CBD dosage for sleep? 

Fortunately, PureKana has its own capsule-based, melatonin-based sleep formula featuring chamomile and GABA, and a cbdMD sleep aid featuring melatonin and valerian, passionflower, and other herbs is also on the market.

But, questions remain. What is the best combination of both CBD and herbal remedies? What potency fits the needs of individuals who struggle to relax? Full or broad-spectrum? Isolate? It is worth getting into these details, if anything, because the mysterious nature of CBD calls for it, and consumers with more information is always a good thing. 

Today, we will compare these two brands that have developed solid sleep aids, get into their details, and let you know what we think of them after the jump. 

Product overview

cbdMD PM Softgel Capsules

cbdMD capsules for sleep (pictured here in its starter dose at 500 mg or 16.5 mg per capsule) is a CBD and melatonin-based sleep aid that comes in multiple doses and quantities. Incorporating well-known relaxing herbs like valerian and chamomile, this impressive sleep aid is powered by well-known ingredients and accompanying cannabinoids to enhance the effectiveness of CBD, particularly with the higher dosages. The certificate of Analysis is available directly on the product page. 

PureKana PM CBD Capsules

This high-powered CBD for sleep by PureKana is sure to give any cbdMD sleep product at least a run for its money. A nice dose of melatonin, plus a very potent serving of CBD infused with chamomile and 5-HTP, make this a very effective and well-dosed sleep aid. Coming in at 30 capsules, this 1-a-night sleep aid will undoubtedly benefit many. Certificate of Analysis is, as always, available on every PureKana product landing page. 

How They Stack Up 


cbdMD PM Capsules incorporate broad-spectrum CBD to achieve its goals of truly relaxing the body and ensuring that consumers get at least 10 mg of CBN in each softgel (1500 mg edition) cbdMD stands out for being ahead of the curve on an emerging cannabinoid.

PureKana CBD PM Capsules use many of the same herbs as cbdMD but adds in 5-HTP. This reasonably well-known but highly effective amino acid functions as a vehicle for well-functioning neurotransmitters in the brain. 


cbdMD PM Capsules come in 16.5 mg strengths in the 500 and 1000 mg editions, with its 1500 mg equivalent giving you a whopping 40 mg in 1 capsule, while melatonin comes in at 3 mg.  

PureKana CBD PM Capsules come in  25 mg, while melatonin stays at a healthy 5 mg level. 


cbdMD PM Capsules have 30 and 60-count versions of its 500 and 1000 mg versions, while its highest potency (1500 mg) gives you 30 single-serve capsules.

PureKana CBD PM Capsules remain at only one size, 30 counts, for one a night capsule dose. 

Ingredient Profile

cbdMD PM Capsules contain chamomile, hops, lemon balm, passionflower, and valerian. Inactive ingredients include Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, d-Limonene, and mixed tocopherols. 

PureKana CBD PM Capsules contain GABA, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine, opting for a more amino-acid base of ingredients. Inactive ingredients include vegetable cellulose and rice extract for the capsule. 


cbdMD PM Capsules will run you anywhere from $44.99 to $89.99 depending on the supply and dosage selected. 

PureKana CBD PM Capsules come at only one size and price, at $83.00

Our Take

Sleep aids are one of those household items that either work or don’t, and any brand involved in the sleep health industry is well aware of this. A bad reputation may beset the best sleep-aid product in the world if the synergism of the ingredients is simply too weak for any user to be satisfied by the results.

Some of these ingredients may be considered old news in the supplement industry (like L-Theanine, valerian, or hops, for example), but working alongside CBD, these products’ efficacy could be enhanced if nothing else. CBD dosing does not dip below 16 mg for either brand, and both include standard, mid-range melatonin doses.

Yet it is cbdMD that innovates with its higher-tier dosing by ensuring that a sizable 10 mg of its already very hefty proprietary blend is devoted to CBN, an emerging product on the market that may enhance the relaxing and sedative properties of CBD. 

Strength and concentration is a mantle that could be claimed by either brand, as PureKana is 25 mg across the board, while cbdMD takes a great leap from its 16 mg dose to give you a 40 mg dose in its highest, 1-pill a night potency. 

Servings and supply is a mixed bag, with PureKana offering only one size and dose for its sleep capsules, while cbdMD has 60 count editions of its 16 mg CBD dose and 30 count supply for its high 40 mg dose. 

The ingredient profile is a close one, but while cbdMD uses your standard herbal proprietary blend, PureKana opts for (in this writer’s opinion) the more effective mix of amino acids like 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and GABA to give users a more sedated body and mind.

Lastly, value is cbdMD’s game, as its strongest dose at 40 mg is only $7.00 more than PureKana’s only offering of 25 mg of CBD at $83.00. 

Because both of these brands’ sleep capsules contain qualities that cancel each other out, we call this edition of versus a draw. 

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