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When you think of CBD, what are some of the products that come to mind? Do you think of edibles? Topicals? Herbs?

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to treating their wellness remedies as part of their daily food consumption habits. This is no different than taking a multivitamin chewable with your breakfast. 

CBD Gummies are neck and neck with CBD oils/tinctures when it comes to the mainstream perception of a CBD-infused gummy product. In other words, your average CBD enthusiast is likely to have gummies in their supplement cabinet, at least more so than capsules or topicals. Gummies are quick, simple, tasty, and versatile. 

If you remember your first brush with CBD-infused gummies, or your first time googling CBD out of curiosity, gummies were one of the first “pillars” of CBD for sale that you stumbled upon. In addition, you may have learned about the difference between full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, and the entourage effect. 

The details of these differences shape what makes a CBD gummy appropriate–or not–for the consumer. PureKana’s extensive line of CBD gummies has its approach to satisfying the consumer, and so does cbdMD. And we will compare and contrast these two brands in the blog below as we analyze the details, strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. 

Product overview

cbdMD Gummies

CbdMD’s development of a gummy line focuses on broad-spectrum extracts sourced from America’s premium hemp farms. These high-potency gummies come in multiple flavors with organic ingredients from top to bottom. And are entirely vegan with a Certificate of Analysis available by searchable lot number. 

PureKana Gummies

PureKana’s gummies stick to CBD isolate to deliver a fast dose of CBD straight to the body. An array of options are available in terms of dosing, supply, flavor, and ingredient profile. These gummies are sourced from USA-grown hemp from farms in Kentucky. As well as shown, the Certificate of Analysis is available directly via product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

CBD Oil Purity and Extract Type

cbdMD Gummies are made from broad-spectrum CBD, including all beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids without THC, including emerging cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. 

PureKana Gummies are made with CBD isolate, delivering CBD only without terpenes or other cannabinoids. PureKana’s Apple Cider Vinegar edition uses broad-spectrum CBD. 


cbdMD Gummies come in 3 different strengths at 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg per gummy. 

PureKana Gummies come in 25 mg per gummy regardless of flavor. 


cbdMD Gummies all come in 30 count supply regardless of flavor and dosing. 

PureKana Gummies come in 20 count, 40 count, and 60 count supply. 


cbdMD Gummies will run you anywhere from $29.99 to $89.99 for $1 to $3 per gummy, with higher concentrations running you higher prices per serving. 

PureKana Gummies are priced anywhere between $40 and $89.99, with a price per gummy rate of $1.49-$2.00 per gummy. 

Ingredient Quality

CBDMD Gummies are made partially with organic ingredients like tapioca and sugar, flavors and color from natural sources, and zero synthetic fillers, preservatives, or emulsifiers. 

PureKana Gummies are made with naturally sourced ingredients with zero synthetic fillers or preservatives and include fully vegan options. 

Our Take

CBDMD and PureKana have reasons to brag about their respective CBD edible gummies. cbdMD has excellent flavors to choose from and a variety of dosing to choose from. PureKana boasts numerous supply options and a fully vegan option. Also claiming a broad-spectrum and Apple Cider Vinegar specialized gummy in its ranks. But which brand can claim the mantle of true quality CBD gummy edible? 

First, we must get into the broad-spectrum VS. isolate debate. As of this writing, PureKana boasts only one broad-spectrum gummy option (its apple cider vinegar gummies), with the rest of its gummy line unanimously CBD isolate. 

Many users see the appeal of CBD isolate due to their careful avoidance of THC. Even in its most microscopic form, any hemp extract cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by federal law. This gives the consumer comfort with their purchase assuring them that they will not encounter any psychoactive elements. 

The flip side of this, however, is that by removing a CBD product of all its accompanying cannabinoids and terpenes, consumers miss out on the entourage effect, which is the phenomenon that occurs when all terpenes and cannabinoids work in conjunction to maximize the therapeutic results of an active ingredient like THC.

cbdMD contains broad-spectrum CBD, which excludes THC but not the rest of the cannabinoid or terpene profile, giving you a better chance of enjoying CBD that gives you the effect you are needing. 

Strength-wise, these brands diverge again; PureKana sticks to 25 mg per gummy, while cbdMD goes from 10 mg in its most mild iteration to 50 mg (1500mg total) for its most potent. 

With supply and price point, PureKana has an edge at a maximum of $2.00 per gummy with supplies up to 60 gummies. While cbdMD tops out at $3.00 per gummy and only 30 day supply. 

The ingredient profile is similar once again, although cbdMD won this round again for more organically sourced ingredients instead of just from all-natural sources. 

We give a slight edge to cbdMD for this round for these reasons. 

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