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Take any large city in the United States, and you will find that on the low end, a growing city’s average age will hover around 34 years old, an age range when the invincibility of your 20s begins to wane, and the phantom aches and pains of a slowly aging physicality start to materialize. No matter your activity level or weight, these changes appear in anyone; wear and tear on the body is normal and, like anything else, requires mitigation of some sort.

Roll-on pain relievers are a terrific way to keep yourself in fighting condition on days when a knee or a wrist is acting up; these topical products’ cooling (or warming!) effect can be highly soothing and therapeutic. But what goes into making the best CBD roll-on? 

Both PureKana and cbdMD have developed CBD roll-on sticks for the exact purpose of fast relief. However, with different approaches, dosing, and extracts going into products that serve the same function, it is worth getting into what sets them apart. Read on to learn more about these two brands’ philosophies for a CBD roll-on topical.  

Product overview

cbdMD Freeze Pain Relief Roll-on Gel

cbdMD’s Freeze-Pain Relief stick is a super-charged roll-on powered by high amounts of CBD, arnica, tea tree oil, and aloe. By using broad-spectrum CBD, cbdMD is giving customers’ skin a helping of numerous beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, employing a synergy called the entourage effect that has been known to enhance and empower the benefits of CBD. This stick also contains organic aloe, arnica, and tea tree. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via cbdMD’s product pages. 

PureKana Pain Relief Roll-On

PureKana’s single roll-on gel packs an incredible punch, featuring 2000 mg of CBD and 400 mg of CBG (cannabigerol) in its 3 oz bottle size, thanks to broad-spectrum CBD extract taking center stage. In addition, a dual-action infusion of menthol and capsaicin gives the skin fast relief. This innovative topical product has therapeutic herbs and compounds, including MSM, chamomile eucalyptus, and rosemary oil. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via product pages at PureKana. 

How They Stack Up 

Innovation and Cannabinoid Extract Profile

cbdMD Freeze Pain Roll-On utilizes broad-spectrum CBD extract for all sizes and editions of its roll-on. The potency of menthol as a topical pain reliever is enhanced by broad-spectrum CBD, which features high doses of CBN and CBG in addition to CBD. 

PureKana Pain Roll-On utilizes broad-spectrum CBD to power up its dual-action roll-on, giving power to the menthol and capsaicin active ingredients by supporting them with all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as additional therapeutic ingredients like lemongrass and chamomile.  

Supporting Ingredients

cbdMD Freeze Pain Roll-On harnesses arnica, aloe, yerba mate, and tea tree oil to help the effects of the broad-spectrum cannabinoid extracts. 

PureKana Pain Roll-On features joint-relieving MSM, eucalyptus, lemongrass, chamomile, peppermint, rosemary, wild oregano, and witch hazel, among several other supporting ingredients. 


cbdMD Freeze Pain Roll-On comes in 3 oz bottles for all potencies and dosing, meaning the higher the dose you go, the less gel you will need to get the job done. 

PureKana Pain Roll-On also comes in a 3 oz size at only one dose: 2000 mg. 


cbdMD Freeze Pain Roll-On is priced at $29.99 at its lowest end (300 mg potency), going up to $129.99 for its highly potent 3000 mg potency. 

PureKana Pain Roll-On’s singular edition is priced at $129.00. 


cbdMD Freeze Pain Roll-On comes in a wide variety of doses of broad-spectrum CBD, starting at 300 mg, then going up to 700, 1500, and 3000 mg in a 3 oz stick.

PureKana Pain Roll-On has only one (potent) dose of broad-spectrum CBD at 2000 mg in a 3 oz stick. 

Our take

These roll-on CBD muscle rub solutions are excellent additions to any medicine cabinet. Both PureKana and cbdMD made strides in innovating this product to include beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, sticking to the tried and true menthol and capsaicin active ingredient strategy and containing many beneficial herbs and compounds to back these active ingredients up. But we are talking about CBD for muscle pain, so how do they shake out against each other?

We mentioned innovation already, and these two brands are in a dead heat here, with both being able to claim innovative ingredient profiles. 

Supporting ingredients are also a draw, as neither product was stingy with its soothing botanical add-ons like arnica, peppermint, or eucalyptus. 

Supply is ambiguous as some users will need more gel than others, but it is hard to argue that cbdMD does not win this one, as it has an edition of its 3 oz CBD roll-on that goes up to 3000 mg. 

Value is also a strength for cbdMD, as it gives the consumer an array of options, while PureKana has one singular and very powerful dose available. This also plays into potency and flexibility, as PureKana’s one dose strategy makes it less flexible as a brand, and cbdMD can capitalize on this by offering a low ball dose of 300 mg, going all the way up to 10 times that amount at its highest dose.

This was a close one, but we are giving this round to cbdMD’s CBD freeze roll-on thanks to its flexibility.

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