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cbdMD CBD Oil Vs. PureKana CBD Oil – Full Spectrums

In our humble point of view, the most desirable CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil. All beneficial terpenes are included, and all beneficial cannabinoids and phytochemicals. This allows you to maximize the benefits of your CBD oil through the entourage effect, a concept that maintains that CBD functions best within the human body (and its endocannabinoid system) when all of its accompanying cannabinoids are along for the ride. 


Of course, this means hemp extracts with all phytocannabinoids included will have a maximum of 0.3% THC by law, and even that is too much for many users who are concerned about drug tests or any sort of adverse reaction to the well known psychoactive compound. While these concerns are legitimate, there is no psychoactive effect from taking full-spectrum CBD products. However, there is a rare possibility that consuming full-spectrum CBD could cause you to test positive for THC (again, rare). 

cbdMD and PureKana have extensive lines of full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures, and a quick look at each brand’s product line shows how much demand there is for quality and high potency CBD oil extracts. This blog will seek to understand what sets these two brands apart and compare/contrast each brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Read on after the jump to see for yourself!  

Product overview

cbdMD Full Spectrum Oil

cbdMD prides itself on simplicity when it comes to its full-spectrum oils. Equipped with only Medium Chain Triglyceride oil and high-quality hemp extract, you get only the good stuff with cbdMD oil. Potencies go as high as 120 mg per serving, and customers can choose between natural flavor and chocolate mint. The certificate of Analysis is available directly on the product page. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The full spectrum oils on PureKana’s roster are plentiful, giving consumers a wide choice of oils that vary from flavor to flavor, strength, supply, and ingredient profile. With a high watermark of 166.6 mg of CBD in 1 dropper, you will get some of the most potent CBD products when shopping with PureKana. Flavors vary from 100% natural to fruit punch flavor. Certificates of Analysis are available directly on product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Flavor Diversity

cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil has two flavors in its roster, natural flavor and mint chocolate flavor. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil boasts five different flavors, Natural, Vanilla, Mint, Fruity, and Citrus. 

Usage Diversity

cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil does not have any targeted approaches with its oils or issue-specific spinoff versions of its full spectrum oils. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil has targeted potent oils that deal with sleep and relaxation and others that help boost the immune system. A process of infusing these oils with specialized ingredients designed to help with these issues. 

Strength and Potency

cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in potent strengths. CbdMD oil 750 mg, for example, gives you 25 mg per serving. As cbdMD oil dosage potency increases to 3000mg, you get a formidably high dose of CBD at 120 mg per serving.

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil is known for its highly potent tinctures. With concentrations starting at 300 mg and increasing to a whopping 5000 mg, you can look forward to PureKana giving you as much as 166.6 mg of CBD in 1 dropper. 


cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil runs anywhere from $60 to $130 depending on the concentration one prefers, and all bottles are meant for 30 days (1 month) supplementation. This equates to about $2-$4 per serving. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil runs about $54 on the lower end, up to $390 with its highest potency. This equates to a range of $1.35-$6.50 per serving. 

Ingredient Profile

cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil boasts one of the simplest ingredient profiles in the market. Natural flavored CBD oils by cbdMD will merely have MCT oil as the other ingredient, while chocolate mint flavors add in natural chocolate flavor and organic peppermint. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil has a similarly uncomplicated ingredient profile, adding in only MCT oil and natural flavors when calling for a flavored oil. 

Our Take 

When it comes to potency, purity, and strength, you are looking at 2 of the best CBD oils. Both cbdMD and PureKana oil have figured out a way to deliver the highest quality, most straightforward CBD oil with some of the highest strengths in the industry. This is a tough matchup primarily because of both brands’ strict attention to quality control.

However, there are differences. When it comes to flavor options and diversity, PureKana laps cbdMD by boasting five different flavors compared to cbdMD’s two flavors, assuming one counts “natural” as a flavor at all. 

Usage diversity is PureKana’s game, as the brand has immune-boosting and sleep-aid versions of itself in PureKana’s store, infused with beneficial ingredients like echinacea and melatonin, respectively. PureKana CBD can claim the usage mantle easily, as cbdMD does not expand past straight CBD oil. 

Strength and potency are neck and neck, as PureKana technically has a higher concentration per dropper at 166.6 mg, but recommended dosage for PureKana CBD’s highest strength is half of that, at 83.3 mg. cbdMD’s recommended dosing of a whopping 120 mg per dropper is not a customized serving – it’s what you get at a pretty decent price point! 

Lastly, another neck-and-neck aspect between these two brands is their ingredient profiles, both of which are highly simplified and free of synthetic additives or preservatives. However, only cbdMD can claim the mantle of organic ingredients when creating the Mint Chocolate iteration of its CBD oil. 

Price points are significantly higher for PureKana CBD, but this is counteracted by more flexibility and customization at PureKana’s higher doses. 

It is hard to call this anything but a draw, as both brands’ strengths and weaknesses are canceled out by each other. So give it up for both brands! 

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