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The popular and convenient CBD gummy is a versatile product no matter the brand. They range from your full spectrum standard gummy to specialized, melatonin-anchored sleep gummies and immune-boosting vitamin gummies combined with CBD. The versatility of this product, along with its many flavors and ease of use, tends to make it a top seller for any CBD brand. In addition, CBD gummies’ effects make users feel like it provides more instantaneous relief and suits travelers particularly well. 

CBD-infused gummies are a cornerstone of PureKana’s store. Still, they are also a big focal point for CBDistillery, a brand with a line of CBD edible gummies that boast top-of-the-line ingredients and some of the more original ideas in the CBD world.

PureKana, for its part, has a line of vegan gummies that are extremely popular with customers and spinoff gummies for targeted needs, all with some of the most potent CBD doses around.

Read on to see these two brands lined up against each other and hear our thoughts about them. 

Product overview

CBDistillery Gummies

CBDistillery left no stone unturned when it came to developing its gummy line. They have quickly carved out their niche in the gummy market from full spectrum to isolate, with everything in between. With clear and concise product profiles and nutrition facts, these gummies deliver exactly what you want from them. CBDistillery has spinoff editions of CBD in all strains: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via the product page. 

PureKana Gummies

PureKana takes care of its customers in multiple ways – transparency, quality, and options – emphasizing the latter! PureKana’s line of gummies gives power to the consumer by targeting everyone from vegans to those who frequently travel and often need immune-boosting ingredients to keep themselves from getting sick. Customized dosing is an option, and these gummies are manufactured with quality ingredients. In addition, a certificate of Analysis is available for every gummy directly via the product page. 

How They Stack Up 

CBD Extract Profile

CBDistillery Gummies run the gamut from straight CBD isolate gummies to broad-spectrum extracts for its targeted editions to the standard full spectrum. 

PureKana Gummies are all THC free, boasting both broad-spectrum and CBD isolate as their extracts. 


CBDistillery Gummies will give you anywhere from 15 mg of CBD in its “Synergy” editions, all the way to 30 mg of its broad and full spectrum options. 

PureKana Gummies are dosed at 25 mg a gummy unanimously; even its targeted editions for sleep and immunity contain 25 mg of CBD in each gummy. 

Brand Innovation

CBDistillery Gummies made significant efforts to innovate by incorporating “sleep” editions in its brand and its “synergy” editions that include high amounts of CBN. This cannabinoid enhances the relaxing, calming effect of CBD. 

PureKana Gummies target immune health, sleep health, and promote a sense of calmness in each of its three spinoff editions. PureKana’s entire gummy line is vegan. 


CBDistillery Gummies all come in 30 count/30-day supplies. 

PureKana Gummies come in 20 count gummies at their lowest supply, then go up to 60, which is more or less the standard supply for PureKana’s gummies. 

Ingredient Quality 

CBDistillery Gummies stick to the finest organic sources to create their gummies, from organic tapioca and lemon oil to pectin. 

PureKana Gummies are sourced from organic ingredients in some of their incarnations, while others use merely naturally sourced ingredients. All of PureKana’s gummies are vegan. 

Our Take 

This is a very, very tough matchup! Both of these brands have many reasons to brag and often the same reason to brag. One brand’s strength is counteracted by a weakness counteracted by the other. One detail we did not touch on very much in our above matchup is value; CBDistillery’s prices tend to hover around $2.00 a gummy, while PureKana’s prices are about $1.49 a gummy (an unofficial point in PureKana’s favor). 

The CBD extract situation is a point in CBDistillery’s favor. However, they offer all 3 “spectrums” of CBD in their arsenal, and more customer choice is always better than the completely THC-free line of gummies that PureKana offers. 

The potency/strength of each gummy is something of a wash. CBDistillery gives users options as low as 15 mg of CBD in its “Synergy” edition and makes efforts to provide consumers a targeted dose of 5 mg of CBN. PureKana does not vary in its dosing at 25 mg a gummy, which could be viewed positively or negatively.

Brand innovation is largely a tie, as both brands made efforts to innovate and create a healthier products for consumers by targeting those with sleep issues or immune health needs. 

PureKana gummies win the supply debate as the brand boasts 20 count to 60 count versions of their gummies, while CBDistillery does not stray from a standard 30 count size. Unfortunately, ingredient quality follows the same pattern of deadlock, as both brands naturally sourced ingredients that still qualify as vegan. 

The result? While we could give PureKana an edge for having more choice in terms of supply, we do not think this is enough to give it to one brand over the other. We deem today’s blog a tie. 

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