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Capsules may not be the most glamorous way to reinvigorate your body and accomplish some modicum of homeostasis for the day, but you cannot say that capsules are not a convenient way to get your fix of anything; whether it be something as commonplace as Vitamin D3 or something more complex like CBD. Particularly in the case of CBD, which is oil-based. You are getting a delivery system more direct than gummies, if not as quick as sublingual CBD oil.

CBDistillery full-spectrum capsules are the subject of today’s versus blog against PureKana’s CBD oil capsules. A liquid cap of CBD can carry as much as 40 mg of CBD between the two brands, a significant amount considering even PureKana’s highest recommended serving of its most potent tincture is barely double that, at 83.3 mg. PureKana CBD capsules are available in a few different varieties, as are CBDistillery capsules; we will compare and contrast their respective CBD oil pills below. Read on after the jump. 

Product overview

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules

CBDistillery’s full-spectrum capsules come in highly potent 30 mg gelatin shells, on the higher end for CBD capsules. With two different sizes and no-fuss ingredients, these are economical CBD pills that can be taken any time of day and go anywhere with you. The serving size is one capsule. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via product pages. 

PureKana Full-Spectrum Capsules

PureKana goes up to 40 mg for its capsules, a highly potent softgel without filler ingredients, and a convenient one softgel serving recommendation. Additionally, 25 mg servings are available, and spinoff targeted editions of CBD capsules for those looking for CBD in addition to nighttime or immunity formulas. Certificate of Analysis is available directly via product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Ingredient Quality

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules include Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from coconut, and the capsule is made of gelatin and glycerin. 

PureKana Full Spectrum Capsules are also made from Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from coconuts, and softgel is made up of purified water, glycerin, and gelatin. 


CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules come in 1 dose only, at a solid 30 mg per capsule in a one serving size. 

PureKana Full Spectrum Capsules come in 25 mg and 40 mg doses, each dosed in a single capsule for a single dose convenience. 


CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules come in 30 and 60 capsule count servings, giving users a one or 2-month option. 

PureKana Full Spectrum Capsules come in 30 capsule counts only for 25 mg and 40 mg editions. 


CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules will run consumers about $70.00 to $130.00 (MSRP), depending on which supply is purchased. 

PureKana Full Spectrum Capsules will run you about $83.00 on the higher end for the 40 mg dose. 

Product Range

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Capsules have broad-spectrum options, as well as options that are infused with mushroom and kava. 

PureKana Full Spectrum Capsules have immunity and sleep/PM options. 

Our Take 

The capsules you will find within both of these brands are not massive horse pills but smooth, easy-to-swallow gel-like capsules with potent amounts of CBD. Both brands made these capsules as powerful as possible, not going anywhere below 25 mg for each dose, and keeping the serving to a simple 1-capsule dose. 

So how do they match up? It turns out that they each give each other a run for their money. Ingredient quality in both is solid, as neither relies on fillers or preservatives to help their capsules keep fresh. Instead, both use MCT oil and simple gelatin and glycerin.

Strength and concentration do not vary with CBDistillery and vary slightly with PureKana. With CBDistillery keeping their dose at a reasonable 30 mg while PureKana goes between 25 mg and 40 mg. Servings and supply are a PureKana weak spot, as it is the only CBDistillery that includes a 60 count option (PureKana only has 30 count options for both of its strengths).

Value also gets CBDistillery some points by including a 60 mg version of its 30 mg capsules priced at $130.00, enhancing value, while PureKana stays at $83.00 for only a month’s supply of its 25 mg. 

The product range is a wash between the two brands. They both include vital spinoff versions, including sleep and immunity for PureKana and broad-spectrum and kava/mushroom for CBDistillery.

Our take? We give a slight edge to CBDistillery for more clarity of price and innovation with spinoff editions, though PureKana is worth its salt. 

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