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A CBD beverage enhancer? Your water bottle just got a lot more interesting, or at least a little more invigorating. CBD-infused drinks are not exactly new; they have slowly crept up in the CBD culture lexicon as CBD has become more commonplace in health-centric communities. These drinks with CBD can merely be CBD dissolved in a liquid, or they can be something a little more specific, as is the case with CBDistillery’s CBD drink and PureKana’s version. 

Both brands have developed their takes on these beverage enhancers, and they each do so in line with their own brand’s philosophy. PureKana may seem at an advantage by boasting three different versions of a CBD drink, but that strength is also counteracted by CBDistillery’s high potency doses of CBD.

Read on after the jump to see how these two beverage enhancers match up against each other. 

Product overview

CBDistillery Drink Mix

CBDistillery developed a delicious and refreshing daytime CBD energy drink (pictured above), infused with a hefty dose of CBD and vitamins and stimulants for a rapid energy boost during the daytime slump. And for nighttime CBD users, CBDistillery did not forget you either! CBDistillery has its sleep-aid in the form of a drink mix as well. Certificate of Analysis is available directly from product pages on CBDistillery’s website. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancer

PureKana jumps into the CBD beverage powder mix with three different takes. First is the sleep aid, boosted by L-Theanine, valerian root, and passionflower. Next is the energy booster, powered by full-spectrum CBD, caffeine, taurine, and Vitamin B-6. Lastly, the immune support edition is powered by immune-boosting herbs and full-spectrum CBD. Certificate of Analysis is available directly from all of PureKana’s product pages. 

How They Stack Up 

Flavor Options

CBDistillery Drink Mix comes in natural chamomile flavor for its sleep edition and citrus for its energy boost. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancer comes in mixed berry for its sleep mix, citrus for its energy base, and lime for its immune-boosting version.


CBDistillery Drink Mix gives you about 25 mg of CBD per packet. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancer ranges from 2 mg of CBD per serving to 10 mg. 


CBDistillery Drink Mix is $35 MSRP for a 10-day supply of packets. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancers are $35 MSRP for roughly a month’s supply. 

Ingredient Profile

CBDistillery Drink Mix contains COQ-10, caffeine, ascorbic acid, tapioca, stevia, citric acid, and maltodextrin in its energy edition. In contrast, the sleep version adds chamomile, theanine, and valerian, minus the caffeine and COQ-10. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancer’s immunity version contains water, vitamin C, elderberry extract, echinacea, zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, natural flavors, stevia, erythritol, folic acid, vitamin B12, selenium, citric acid, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate; sleep version contains valerian, theanine, lysine, passionflower, and glutamine, and energy version contains caffeine, taurine, malic acid, glucuronolactone, and niacin. 

CBD Extract Profile 

CBDistillery Drink Mix utilizes broad-spectrum CBD extract in both versions. 

PureKana Beverage Enhancer utilizes full-spectrum CBD extract in all three flavors/versions. 

Our Take

When it comes to add-on CBD items like these, the specific strengths come in 2 forms: dosing and customer options. Both brands have developed easy-to-use drink additives to get an easy, fast infusion of CBD in any beverage. PureKana’s three targeted versions are great for anyone in need of a quick fix, while CBDistillery’s energy and sleep options pack a punch, with each packet boasting 25 mg of CBD. 

For the flavor issue, CBDistillery may seem as though it is automatically at a disadvantage for having two versions of its drink mixes compared to the three releases by PureKana, but we do not fault CBDistillery for not having an immune version just yet; natural chamomile flavor and citrus are perfectly innocuous and versatile flavors, as are the mixed berry, lime, and citrus flavors for each of PureKana’s versions of the drink. Neither brand gives you much choice when it comes to flavors (there aren’t multiple flavors for what are targeted needs of sleep/energy), so we deem this metric a wash. 

Strength and concentration are a winner for CBDistillery, with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each dose. However, PureKana’s serving sizes are much smaller, thus giving you less of everything, and 10 mg maximum of CBD does not sound as good on paper (there is room for customization with PureKana’s product, for what it is worth). 

Value, especially when considering the urge for customization in PureKana’s product, makes this metric another wash for both brands, as does ingredient profile, as neither brand commits to vegan or organic ingredients in their beverage enhancers as of this writing. 

The last metric could favor either brand, as PureKana uses full-spectrum extracts of CBD, and CBDistillery uses broad-spectrum extracts. But, again, this is a matter of consumer choice.

We deem this matchup another tie for today’s blog based on all the above. 

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