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Our furry loved ones struggle in many of the same ways as us humans do, and choosing the right CBD pet oil can be overwhelming if you are not entirely sure where to look. Dogs and cats get anxiety, deal with stress, and suffer from achy joints. Vet visits are expensive, and as much as we wish they could, dogs and cats do not speak. While CBD for animals is not a cure-all nor marketed as such, it is but one resource available to pet owners these days to help alleviate some of the discomforts our pets face.

One of the biggest CBD brands on the market, CBDFx, has developed a quality line of pet CBD products that can be suitable for any pet, no matter the size and breed. Made from high-quality ingredients, CBDFx targets your pets’ endocannabinoid system with proper dosing and no excess preservatives or fillers. And it is not just CBFx for dogs; the folks at CBDfx have expanded it to the feline kingdom. 

We at PureKana have also developed our line of premium CBD for pets, complete with delicious pet treats and oil tinctures, all with no soy or gluten and free of synthetic preservatives. 

Let’s match up each brand’s CBD product lineup for dogs against each other and see how they shake out. 

Product overview

CBDFx CBD For Dogs

CBDFx’s dog line is naturally top of the line with organic, vegan ingredients, suitable for breeds large and small. CBDFx ensures that the needs of any kind of dog are met. Dosing and potency are organized according to size. In addition, CBD products for stress and anxiety, as well as skin, are available. 

PureKana CBD For Dogs

PureKana’s line of CBD products for dogs focuses its attention on dog treats and delicious and enticing flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and steak. 2 versions of tinctures are available as well, with one targeting the general pet population. 

How They Stack Up 

Extract and Ingredients

CBDFx For Dogs uses broad-spectrum CBD for all dog CBD products, meaning it is THC free. In addition, the tincture line is vegan, completely free of unnatural ingredients or synthetic preservatives. 

PureKana CBD For Dogs uses full-spectrum CBD for all dog CBD products, meaning all beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids are included. In addition, all dog CBD is vegan, soy-free, and dairy-free with natural ingredients and no synthetic preservatives. 


CBDFx For Dogs contains 15 mg of CBD per dog treat. Dosing for tinctures contains about 16 mg of CBD per dropper for medium breeds, with larger breed concentrations going to about 30mg and smaller breed concentrations ending around 8-10 mg per dropper.

PureKana CBD For Dogs contains 5 mg per serving of CBD in its tinctures, with treats ranging from 1 mg of CBD per treat to 2.5 per treat, depending on dog size.  


CBDFX For Dogs has a range of dosing for tinctures; a smaller 250 mg dose will run about $34.99, increasing to $49.99, $79.99, and $119.99 as concentrations increase to 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg, respectively. CBD dog treats start at $49.99, and CBFx features dog treats for targeted relief (anxiety and joint health).

PureKana CBD for Dogs features tinctures starting at $30 for the 250 mg dose and $45 for the 500 mg dose. Treats for small breeds start at $34.99 and $39.99 for large breeds. 


CBDFX For Dogs has monthlong supplies for its treat and tincture dog products. 

PureKana CBD For Dogs has monthlong supplies for its pet tinctures and 25 servings in its dog treats. 


CBDFX For Dogs has bacon-flavored tinctures, an almost universal dog favorite. In addition, CBDFx’s chews are a classic doggy treat flavor with superfoods. 

PureKana CBD For Dogs also includes bacon-flavored tinctures, with doggy treats in Peanut Butter Pumpkin, Blueberry Chicken, and Steak/Sweet Potato. 

Our Take 

CBDFx and PureKana took on different approaches to creating their respective Doggy CBD product rosters. CBDFx boasts a more expansive, targeted dog line, while PureKana opted for simplicity and value in their dog products. This creates a matchup that could go either way based on customer preference and priority. 

If extract strength and consumer choice are more paramount to the customer, CBDFx wins on those metrics. If value and flavoring are most important, PureKana succeeds on those terms. The issue of supply results in a draw between the two. 

We stuck to dog products when pitting these two brands against each other to keep the comparisons fair. 

CBDFx succeeds significantly when offering consumer choice and targeted relief for dogs. By allotting plenty of dosing options, the customer is given the flexibility to experiment with their pet by increasing or decreasing concentration and dosages.

CBDFx’s dog treats also offer significantly higher doses of CBD than the PureKana counterparts. By giving 15 mg per dog treat, you get a concentration of CBD at considerably higher levels than the 5 mg offered by PureKana.

Furthermore, by offering versions of dog treats targeted for stress and joint health, consumers shopping with CBDFx can offer their pets relief for issues that commonly plague dog health. 

For these reasons, we have to give this round to CBDFx; its dog CBD product roster is simply better developed and thought through and manages to be reasonably priced in the wake of a very rapid-growing market for hemp products. 

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