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When buying a CBD tincture, the issue of effectiveness is always top of mind. With such a quick delivery system and doses as high as 100 mg per serving, what can users look forward to? The nature of pure CBD oil, as in CBD isolate, is such that users get “just the good stuff” without the issue of other cannabinoids, namely THC, factoring into the mix. Broad-spectrum gives users CBD oil with all beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, excluding THC. In contrast, full-spectrum gives you every naturally occurring compound in hemp extract alongside a heavy CBD dose. 

So in the battle of spectrums, what CBD oil is most likely to give you the results you need? In all honesty, we here at PureKana tend to live by the full-spectrum rule. By law, any hemp extract cannot have more than 0.3% THC in it, and as such, no full-spectrum CBD oil will give you a psychoactive experience. For this reason, we feel comfortable recommending it. And in the spirit of recommending full-spectrums, today’s blog will pit two fairly popular full-spectrum CBD product lines against each other: CBDistillery and yours truly, PureKana. Read on for all the details below. 

Product overview

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This full-spectrum oil by CBDistillery is among the strongest, and its potency is matched by its purity and high quality. Featuring all beneficial cannabinoids and an ingredient profile that contains zero extraneous fillers or preservatives, you are getting high-quality CBDistillery full-spectrum oil. Certificate of Analysis is available directly on product pages. CBDistillery 500mg and CBDistillery 1000mg versions are among the top sellers of CBD. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil

PureKana’s iconic line of full-spectrum oils stands out for its diversity in dosing, its many flavors, and its flexibility of use. By offering so much variety in its product line, PureKana continues to be an in-demand and industry-leading brand for CBD. Enjoy flavors like vanilla and tropical fruit and high-potency and high-quality natural flavors, like their most potent dose at 166.6 mg of CBD in 1 dropper. The certificate of Analysis is available directly on the product page. 

How They Stack Up 

Flavor Diversity

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers natural flavored and mango flavored full-spectrum CBD oil flavors. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers natural/unflavored, vanilla, mint, fruity, and citrus. 

Usage Diversity

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers sleep spinoff versions of its full-spectrum CBD oil, which contain CBN and “synergy” versions that deliver the novel CBDa and CBG as enhancers of the entourage effect, creating homeostasis throughout the body.

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil has spinoff editions that target the immune system and sleep health. These tinctures feature ingredients like echinacea, lemon, ginger (immunity), melatonin, and hops (sleep).  

Strength and Potency

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil starts its lowest concentrations at 500 mg in a 30 ml tincture, dosing at 17 mg per serving. This goes up to 5000 mg concentrations, which boast 167 mg per serving, the highest potency in the entire store. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil is not outdone by CBDistillery’s very potent concentrations, starting at 300 mg concentrations for a small 7.5 mg serving suitable for beginners, up to 5000 mg concentrations with 166.6 mg of CBD in 1 dropper for more advanced users. 


CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil will run you about $240.00 for its highest concentration of CBD oil, and at the low end, you will be expecting to pay around $35.00 for a 500 mg/ 17 mg dose for 30 days. 

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in at $54 for its 300 mg version at 7 mg a dose and $390 for its highest concentration at 83.3 mg per serving or 166.6 per dropper, all at 30 days. 

Ingredient Profile

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a very clean, pure CBD oil featuring just Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from coconut and naturally occurring terpenes.

PureKana Full Spectrum CBD Oil has the same clean ingredient profile with MCT oil and naturally occurring terpenes, making this an equally clean ingredient profile. 

Our Take 

CBDistillery has made a formidable line of CBD products that make efforts to feature not just CBD but helpful cannabinoids like CBG, CBDa, and CBN to give targeted effects to users needing help with sleep or with daytime alertness and homeostasis. CBDistillery’s dosing is also formidable, extending to 167 mg per serving, among the highest on the market.

PureKana similarly innovates its product line with sleep and immunity editions, featuring helpful herbs like hops and echinacea and vital compounds like melatonin and essential oils and vitamins. Its dosing also extends up to a customizable 166.6 mg of CBD, and the purity of ingredients and its extensive consumer choice makes it an industry leader.

But who comes out on top? This is a tough matchup, mainly because the brands have numerous parallels. They both go above and beyond the simple idea of CBD oil and make their brands’ consumer specific enough to retain lots of interest.

First, on the issue of flavor diversity, PureKana winds hands down as it includes an assortment of 5 different flavors to give the customer many options to choose from. At the same time, CBDistillery only offers unflavored and mango. 

Usage diversity is a draw, with both brands offering targeted and user-specific versions like sleep (both brands) or immunity (PureKana), even “synergy” versions that promote newer cannabinoids to enhance the entourage effect (PureKana). Strength and potency also come up as a tie between the brands, as they maximize their dosing at around 167 mg per serving. 

Value is the one area where PureKana falls short; their 166.6 mg, super high-potency natural CBD product comes in at $390.00, while CBDistillery has a much less intimidating price tag of $240.00. However, both brands’ ingredient profile is largely identical, rendering this another tie and a very close race overall.

For the reasons listed above, PureKana maintains a better case for its brand, with more flavors and efficient versions of its targeted spinoffs of sleep and immunity. However, the price tag does turn off a subsection of customers, perhaps giving CBDistillery an equally big win.

For now, we call this one a draw for both brands.  

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