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A top concern among consumers anytime a new wellness remedy surfaces is, understandably, how worried should I be about taking this long term? Can I overdose? What kind of product should I begin using? How much should I start with, and so on? 

And make no mistake, these are valid questions and concerns. However, we can safely say that you are in good hands in the CBD community.

By comparison to THC, CBD is a safer, less “problematic” remedy because it will not get you high, nor will it interfere with appetite or alter your cognitive skills the way THC does.

Daily use of CBD is perfectly safe and is even ideal for maximizing health benefits. If you are worried about paranoia or anxiety, CBD is an anxiolytic, so there are no problems either

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. CBD is as safe as black coffee or multivitamins. Not that either of those lifestyle products is created equal, mind you.

We would not necessarily recommend black coffee to everyone (hey, some people prefer a Diet Coke as their pick-me-up).

Still, if we are talking about safety and the level of risk one takes on when taking CBD, it’s no different from the risk factors of everyday household items like those. 

CBD could fit into anyone’s lifestyle who needs it, just like coffee beans have done for many (many, many) Americans over the decades.

Since the US federal government legalized regulated hemp production, the CBD market has successfully taken off and provided welcome relief to thousands of people around the country. 

Read on to understand how and why CBD allows daily use as part of your health and wellness regimen. 

Worry-Free, Guilt-Free!

The long and short of CBD as part of your daily wellness regimen is that it has the potential to pay dividends in terms of comfort and recovery, particularly if you have fussy joints or need to unwind.

The best part is that it does not come with any baggage. You will never hear anyone say that CBD had a negative or unsafe effect on their body or the bodies of others. 

The human body is often thrown off balance by lifestyle changes, aging, or daily stressors; these can alter mood and comfort levels. Think of CBD as a supplemental tonic for these issues.

Getting back to homeostasis, particularly after the body is thrown into bouts of stress, is the overall aim and appeal of CBD products.

Think of the hell the body experiences when you are jetlagged or go from working nights to working an 8 AM-4 PM grind (speaking from experience here). CBD can help you get back to a place of stasis and normality. 

The question is, how healthy is it to be partaking daily? The World Health Organization (WHO) does not seem to have any issues with it. Not only is CBD not habit-forming, but it is also virtually immune from being abused. 

This is not a call for you to go out and overdose on a CBD-infused bag of gummies, but it does allow you to start and maintain a consistent regimen at a dose and pace of your choosing.

Unfortunately, we live in a country that thrives on labels, warnings, structured dosing, and the concern of taking more than advised.

Thankfully, CBD’s relationship with our endocannabinoid system means that dosing can be a personal choice as you want it to be. We’ll get into that next. 

Dosing Debates

If you are new to CBD, you probably wonder where to start. First of all, check with your physician if you are looking to use CBD as a remedy that can assist with severe illness or injury. 

Once you feel ready, take stock of yourself; what would make a good dose for an individual with your age, body type, and lifestyle? What would work best with the issue you are looking to reduce? 

To err on the side of caution, start at around 30 mg and gradually increase by 5 mg a day to ease yourself into it.

CBD is not a harsh or intense compound that will cause you to feel like your body is under the influence; instead, its calming effects could be a little ill-suited to daytime responsibilities or activities requiring total concentration and presence.

So if you are ingesting or vaping CBD, remember to keep this in mind. While you may not feel high or drunk, feeling too “chill” is not great for hard deadlines or manual labor either!

For pain, the gradual “build-up” of staggering dosing works best in terms of dealing with the issue, according to most professional recommendations.

Correctly calculate dosages, especially when dealing with CBD oil droppers; sometimes, the serving size is an entire dropper. Other times, it can be just a fraction of a dropper, depending on the concentration of active ingredients.

CBD gummies and capsules are a little more self-explanatory, but remember to take the staggered approach when in doubt. 

When Will I Feel The Benefits? Any Side-Effects? 

First, let us get the question of side effects out of the way. In short, there aren’t any, at least none, that are common enough to make you worry.

Fatigue or change in appetite is about as far as it has been known to go in the sporadic times that side effects have been reported. 

As far as waiting times for the desired effects, relaxation and elevated mood can come as quickly as 15-30 minutes after vaping. Sublingual dosing is another quick way to feel the desired results.

For physical issues regarding joint support or topical skincare, daily, consistent use of CBD is vital, even if you immediately notice positive effects.

In this sense, CBD produces cumulative results resulting from constant use that can keep troublesome inflammation or joint dryness at bay.

If it helps, set a reminder for yourself on your smartphone so that you do not forget to take your daily dose. 

While doses up to 150 mg are regularly taken by users looking for a specific effect, be advised that once you get over 200 mg, you may get quite tired. 

What To Watch For

So, we have covered safety, efficacy, and dosing schedule concerns and hopefully reassured those of you out there that CBD is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hopefully, you are reading this and feel comfortable exploring CBD as a part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. However, the last things to watch out for are critical to ensuring you get the best value.

Reputable brands wind up becoming reputable for a reason; they build trust with their customers, are not afraid to regroup when needed, and have complete transparency.

PureKana’s CBD line is built on these foundations, giving you the best CBD from Kentucky-grown, organic hemp. 

This means no chemical solvents, no filler ingredients, and robust third-party testing.

Another pro-tip: sublingual versions of CBD have greater bioavailability, helping to explain the lower milligram serving amounts.

Gummies and other orally ingested versions of CBD have to withstand stomach acids when being taken and are thus formulated in higher potencies. 

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