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When comparing CBD Oils, you want to consider the difficulty of standing out in a highly competitive market. Innovation and strong branding skills are the primary ways of standing out in today’s competitive online shopping marketplace. Ultimately, though not always easy to measure, product quality is probably the most significant indicator of brand strength.

Today, we will compare the CBD oils offered by PureKana, and the line of CBD oils by Ananda Hemp. Initially based out of Australia, Ananda Hemp is another early bird to the CBD craze, showing up on the market in 2014. However, PureKana has been making waves stateside since 2017, and both brands have their unique approach to packaging their CBD oils. Below, we outline these products and give our take on which one has the edge. 

We will want to stick to classic CBD oils for simplicity’s sake since both brands have spinoff versions that focus on joints, immunity, or pets. To keep things fair, we will only compare apples to apples. 

Product overview

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil

You have flexibility with Ananda Hemp’s CBD oil with three full-spectrum CBD dosing options and a broad-spectrum option. You get anywhere from 10-40 mg of CBD oil per serving, and its ingredients are sustainably sourced. Servings equate to 1 dropper worth of oil. 

Ananda Hemp is highly transparent, with Certificates of Analysis easily searchable on their website and listed on all product pages. In addition, Ananda ensures the certificates are up to date. 

PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana’s extensive line of CBD oil ranges in doses from 7.5mg to 83.3mg of CBD in a serving, with the highest concentration of CBD being 5000mg in a 1oz bottle. Its flavors include Vanilla, Mint, Citrus, Natural, and Fruit, made with all-natural ingredients. 

PureKana is highly transparent about its products; they offer Certificates of Analysis on all of its product pages that are also regularly updated so that the consumer can feel secure about their selections. 

How They Stack Up 

Purity and Extract Type

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil is sustainably sourced from fine ingredients like cold-pressed hemp seed oil, full or broad-spectrum cannabinoid extract, MCT oil sourced from coconuts, and terpenes. You can get full or broad-spectrum options from Ananda Hemp. 

PureKana CBD Oil is sourced from USA-grown Kentucky hemp, with all-natural ingredients. It uses full-spectrum hemp extracts for its products, including all valuable terpenes.

Strength and Potency

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil comes in 3 different strengths: 300 mg for a 10 mg serving per dropper, 600 mg for a 20 mg serving per dropper, and 2000 mg per serving for a 40 mg dose per dropper. Its broad-spectrum option is 600 mg potency for a 20 mg serving per dropper. 

PureKana CBD Oil has a range of strengths ranging from 300 mg concentrations to 5000 mg, offering up to 166.6 mg of CBD in one full dropper. In addition, there is a wide variety and range of dosing, with ample choices for any consumer.


Ananda Hemp CBD Oil gives you 30 to 50 servings of full or broad-spectrum CBD depending on the strength. 

PureKana CBD Oil comes in only two supply quantities: 40 and 60 day/dosing counts.


Ananda Hemp CBD Oil ranges from $1.46 per serving to $3.59 per serving, depending on concentration. Ananda’s broad spectrum CBD comes in at $2.23 per serving. 

PureKana CBD Oil, as of this writing, has concentrations starting at $54 up to $390. At PureKana’s serving sizes, you are paying $1.35 to $6.50 per serving, depending on the concentration. 

Flavors and Variety

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil does not come with any flavors, and all its oils (full and broad-spectrum) are natural. 

PureKana CBD Oil comes in the following flavors: Vanilla, Mint, Fruity, Natural, and Citrus.

Our Take

Ananda Hemp and PureKana are different beasts who strive to provide high-quality products to their customers. Their approaches pay off in different ways. Ananda Hemp prides itself on simplicity while still giving the customer enough choices and includes a THC-free, broad-spectrum version. Its ingredients are sustainably sourced, and its prices are about average for CBD products as of this writing. Its dosing is easy to follow, and you get a sizable dose in its highest concentration, at 40 mg of CBD.

PureKana, on the other hand, is a brand that enjoys flooding the zone with options—boasting doses as high as 166.6 mg giving the consumer an extensive range of oils to choose from. While it does not include a THC-free version of its oil, its ingredient profiles are just as solid and easy to follow as Ananda’s. 

Both Ananda and PureKana oil have similar supply profiles, with the highest number of servings at 50 and 60, respectively.

The value may be a toss-up for either brand, however. With prices per serving ranging between $1.35 to $6.50 for PureKana, you may think it is a far pricier brand than Ananda, which reaches only $3.59 per serving at its maximum. But considering PureKana blows most of its competitors out of the water with dosing options, reaching the heights of 166.6 mg in a full dropper, the value may be in the eye of the beholder.

Flavoring is where PureKana takes the cake, offering numerous flavors in any dose, making it a more accessible and more varied experience than Ananda Hemp, which may force you to take doses with a serving of juice or any flavored beverage to counteract what is likely to be a very botanical taste. Flavored CBD oil is, without a doubt, a customer perk. 

Because PureKana gives the consumer so much more flexibility, we are giving the edge to PureKana for this matchup. Any pricing or value concerns seem to be counteracted by PureKana’s willingness to expand the brand to places where others like AnandaHemp have not gone yet. This does not mean that Ananda Hemp is not worth your time; quite the contrary. But for users who enjoy options, quality, and flexibility, PureKana is the hands-down winner on that. 

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