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Roll-on CBD products are an excellent way to get relief in the areas you need it the most. These topical CBD products have proven to be effective at alleviating pain and muscle soreness as well as reducing inflammation. 

A CBD roll-on consists of a small tube with liquid containing CBD extract as well as other beneficial ingredients and is topped with a roller ball that allows you to rub the solution on the skin. 

What many people don’t know is there is a variety of CBD roll on uses from carpal tunnel relief to soothing irritated skin. In this guide, we will cover all of the ways you can use roll-on CBD along with its many benefits. 

1. Pre Workout

Using a CBD roll on product on stiff or sore areas of your body before a workout can alleviate muscle tension, allowing for a quick and easier warm-up.

Applying the roll on CBD to problem areas right before a workout can also help manage any aches or pains during the exercise, which can allow the athlete to push themself further. 

2.  Sore Neck

For those who work at a computer or any other occupation that requires keeping your head fixed in one place most of the day, CBD topicals can be a fantastic solution to a tense or painful neck. 

If you are not sure how to use CBD roll on, simply rub a bit of the CBD product onto your fingertips then massage it into the sore area of your neck. Within just a few minutes, you should begin to feel the tension ease in your neck. 

3. Foot Pain

Roll on CBD is also great for those that work in jobs that involve long hours of standing. Over time, this type of job can cause a lot of stress on the feet and make them unbearably sore. 

Taking a roll on CBD for pain and using it on the feet can help relax the muscles and allow them the relief they need. The CBD pain relief roll-on can also be great for those who have an injury on their foot that is causing them a lot of pain. 

4. Sore Back

CBD topicals can also be great for relieving a sore back but are more efficient when you have someone that can accurately rub the product into problem areas of your back. 

Simply take the CBD roll on for pain and roll on the solution, then massage it into the muscles. After a few minutes, you should begin to feel relief in your back. You can even add some massage oil to the mix for a more enjoyable experience. 

5. Burns 

If you experience a burn on your skin in the kitchen or anywhere else, roll on CBD can provide quick relief. Once your skin gets burned, gently roll the product along the affected area and allow a few minutes to feel relief.

 Avoid doing so if there are any exposed areas such as broken or bleeding skin. You can continue to apply the product for the next few days to help the scar heal. 

6. Skin Irritation

For those that suffer from severely dry skin or rashes, a CBD topical can help soothe skin significantly. As long as there is no exposed skin in the problem area, you can take the CBD roll-on and rub it lightly into the skin. 

The CBD oil along with the other beneficial ingredients often found in CBD topicals is incredibly moisturizing and will provide the relief you need.

7. Muscle Recovery

Just like CBD can help right before a workout, it is also beneficial after the exercise. Applying the CBD product after a workout can alleviate tension and soreness, allowing your muscles to recover quicker than ever before.

Simply apply the roll-on to any sore areas of the body after a workout and feel your muscles relax. 

One product we highly suggest for effective muscle recovery after a workout is PureKana’s 600 mg CBD + CBG Muscle Rub Roll-On Gel.

Their formula includes CBD, CBG, and CBN for powerful joint and muscle pain relief, infused with icy menthol for an instant soothing effect. 

9. Carpal Tunnel Relief

Using a mouse and keyboard all day long can cause tension and soreness in the muscles of your hand, leaving it stiff, cramped, and sometimes even swollen.

Applying CBD roll on for pain can alleviate this tension and pain inside the hand and allow the muscles to relax so you can move your hand.

Keep a CBD roll-on product with you and massage it into painful areas of your hand as needed throughout your day. 

10. Joint Discomfort

CBD pain relief roll on can also be great for alleviating joint discomfort in places like the elbows, knuckles, knees, etc. 

Take the product and apply it directly to the affected joint and give it a good massage as well.

The CBD should take just a couple of minutes to provide relief to your joints, apply more product if needed.

Final Thoughts

Topical CBD products are fantastic for getting the targeted relief in areas you need it the most.

There are so many different ways that you can get the most out of a CBD roll-on, the possibilities are endless.

If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort in areas like your neck and back or issues with your skin, consider trying out a CBD roll-on.

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